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Character Dump

Character Dump

Disclaimer ThingI wasn't really sure where the best place to put this would be. If any admins think it should go somewhere else, I would greatly appreciate the move.

Basically, I'm stealing this idea from my cousin who did something similar - a thread containing all of my
and potentially used
unused character ideas. This post will contain an index of sorts for all of my characters, as well as a short description of the character and its preferred system. Each character will also get its own post in this thread (to which the index will link) that gives a fuller
The profiles will all follow the same format. Character name, preferred system, and race/class (or similar) will each get a line, followed by a description of the character concept. These descriptions won't follow the more usual personality, background, etc. format that most game applications do. Rather, it is a brief description of key aspects of the character's background and personality but with emphasis on what I'd like to do with the character. They will also take a more... laid-back tone than most applications in order to more easily and efficiently convey what I'm trying to say. This will be followed by a "call to adventure" section which gives a few possibilities for how the character could be drawn into the campaign.
Lastly, I will have a spoiler labeled "Crunch Notes" that will detail whatever mechanically-related concerns I would like to mention, including on notes for converting the character to other systems. This section will include a link to the character's sheet. Characters will be constructed using standard creation rules (or as close to standard as possible, usually in the case of GURPS or similar) that avoid dice as much as possible.
profile for the character.
I am probably open to using my characters in any system I have the books for as long as it fits your game. Backgrounds and the like will be made assuming use in the preferred system/setting, but I often reuse favourite character concepts in many settings and so have experience with tweaking backgrounds to fit. A special note on D&D 3.5e and Pathfinder: Pathfinder is my overall preferred system, so it sort of takes precedence over 3.5e. Unless I make a character specifically for one system or the other then I will put "3.5e/PF" for the preferred system, and the background will be written with Golarion in mind, should a non-generalized setting be required.

I know that was a lot of text, and if you read it all (or even just most of it) I sincerely thank you. Anyway, as a final note I'd like to ask for any comments or critiques that may improve my characters. I plan to expand upon each one as I get the chance, perhaps including things like summaries of (and links to) their exploits in various campaigns to sort of create something of a museum of my roleplaying.

Isen Lohceolt - 3.5e/PF - An elf woman raised as an assassin. Rather than "evil," she is better described as simply being "morally vacant." Basically she would be true neutral were it not for a technicality.

Asha - 3.5e/PF - A female (half-)orc paladin. Orphaned as an infant and raised by the church. Part of this is a role-play experiment for myself, since I don't normally do the holy-types, much. I just don't normally find them as interesting, so here's my attempt to make it interesting to myself with the disparity between the public perception of orcs as brutes and the reality of Asha's noble demeanor.

Linnet Habicht -
Eberron setting
3.5e - Linnet Habicht is the daughter of an airship captain who was killed, leaving her unable to inherit his ship. She now wants to get a ship of her own (possibly her father's, if available).

Sawyl Mathers - Pathfinder - A
quasi-undead homebrew race
geist oracle whose mouth was sewn shut and was beaten to death due to fear of his prophecies.

Isen Lohceolt
Preferred System: 3.5e/PF
Isen doesn't necessarily need to be an Oriental-themed character, despite my preferring her to be a ninja. Fluff-wise, I'm thinking of it as being more of a low-level variety of magic (one of the reasons for her being an elf, one of the more inherently magical races) that enhances her skills in subtle and possibly semi-subconscious ways.
Character Concept: Isen Lohceolt was raised from birth to be a ruthless, skilled assassin. With this as the only life she's ever known, Isen lacks many of the moral boundaries most people have. It isn't that she enjoys killing or pain, but rather she views it along the lines of eating, walking, sleeping - something that is just done. One could compare it to a non-Jew being told for the first time how one views it as immoral to eat certain foods - the morality of killing is something she's simply never thought about before and so doesn't really comprehend.
Of course, Isen doesn't go around killing anyone and everyone that strikes her fancy (partly because she has no fancy to be struck), but she holds no reservations and feels no remorse when she needs to kill. It should also be noted that she has probably been in the outside world long enough by the start of the adventure that she does understand that other people view killing as bad (even if she doesn't understand why, herself) and so knows to be judicious and reserved around most. This isn't particularly difficult, though since she is usually reserved around outsiders anyway.
Call to Adventure: There are several reasons for why Isen may join the party. She could be fleeing her home for some reason (perhaps it was attacked), or she might have been sent on a mission targeting someone related to the PCs or the adventure - possibly one of the PCs, themselves.

Preferred System: 3.5e/PF
Half-orc Paladin
Character Concept: Asha was orphaned (perhaps during a war or counter-raid against a group of orcs) at a very young age. A soldier (most likely a paladin or other warrior with direct connections to a church) showed mercy on the infant and brought her to a nearby (or his own) church where she was raised. I suppose there are some similarities to The Hunchback of Notre Dame, but this one doesn't involve any corrupt priests. Asha was taken care of and raised just as any other orphan - or at least, this was the plan. There were undoubtedly times when she was treated cruelly by individuals, but even so her upbringing wasn't as bad as it could have been.
Upon reaching adulthood, she has decided to assist the church in anyway she can. Given her orcish heritage, combat is one of her main strengths and so she has taken up the mantle of paladin.
Call to Adventure: Asha's motivation for adventuring is almost certainly going to be due to having received a mission from the church. A more tragic call could take the form of her home (the church) being destroyed or something, but I feel that's little too cliche.

Linnet Habicht
Preferred System: 3.5e (Eberron campaign setting)
Half-elf Rogue/Artificer
Character Concept: Linnet Habicht is the bastard daughter of an exiled Lyrandar airship captain who was a Cyran privateer during the Last War. The ship was lost during the Mourning, and most (if not all) of the crew died. Linnet was "captured" some time later by a Brellish unit that was scouting the ruined lands for survivors. She was brought safely back to Starilaskur where the captain of the unit released her and gave her enough money for a single lightning rail ticket.
Alternate Backgrounds: The key part of Linnet's background is that her father had an airship, is now dead, and that she can't get the airship any longer. This could be because it was destroyed, stolen, confiscated, lost to mutineers, or so on. Should her father's ship still exist, that is her ultimate goal, but she will (and fully expects to need to) settle for another until she gets the opportunity to reclaim her father's.
Call to Adventure: Linnet's call is pretty much written into her background. Having lost everything, she wants to get an airship of her own and start again. Revenge may be involved if the ship (or her father) were lost to an individual (or individual group) rather than a nebulous event like the Mourning.

Sawyl Mathers
Preferred System: Pathfinder
see Homebrew
Geist Oracle
Character Concept: Sawyl Mathers led a quiet, unassuming life in a small, secluded hamlet. When Sawyl began to speak prophecies, the superstitious townsfolk grew fearful of him. Instead of visions, Sawyl heard his prophecies and seemed to be incapable of staying silent when they came. Of it's own accord, his mouth would repeat the foretellings as they entered his head. Just over a year later, an ill-timed prophecy came to him in the middle of a festival. Nearly the entire village heard of the fearful plague that was doomed to grip the village by the end of the year. Fearing that he was causing these events rather than powerlessly announcing their arrival, the villagers cut out Sawyl's tongue, and sewed his mouth shut before beating him to death and depositing the corpse in a pit at the edge of the nearby woods.
Call to Adventure: Pharasma was not done with her new disciple, however and he awoke four months later on the Day of Bones to claw from his shallow grave and find nothing but the putrid corpses of everyone he ever knew. Hearing one more command from the Lady of Graves, Sawyl headed out not knowing what lay in store for him. He is thankful for the tight black thread that binds his lips, fearing that should it be removed history will repeat itself.

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