Replacement Characters - World's Largest Dungeon

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Replacement Characters - World's Largest Dungeon

WLD: Sponsored Chaos - Forum
Dungeons & Dragons 5e
Ad Closes: Jul 21 '12
Estimated Members Requested: 2

Hello everyone, I am recruiting 2 replacement characters for my 4e World's Largest Dungeon game. You can read the original Ad here: Original Game Ad.

The Application process will be the same, though characters have just reached level 2 in the game. So keep in mind that this game is more centered around Random Character Generation (as expressed in the original game ad). I'll gladly answer any questions, but I'm closing this ad out after just a little under a week. Post your applications here.

There are a couple of new options available for replacement characters. The first of which, the group has acquired an orc that is traveling with the group. The upside to wanting to take on this NPC as your own is that he is already in the game, so you'll get into the action a lot faster than normal. There are some downsides though. The first of which is that he won't have the bonus starting equipment that many of the others have. It's not as big of a disadvantage as it sounds, as there will be plenty of replacement equipment available later. The next big downfall to playing this is that the character is an utter coward. Basically though, you'll have to slowly overcome this trait by gaining trust and respect for the other players. Some of this character will be pre-generated, but you'll be able to customize it into a full PC if you take this option. I'll give out more information in private if you are interested in taking up this role.

Next difference is that you could choose to be the new champion for existing sponsors. Here are descriptions of the Sponsors that are available for this decision:
  1. The Man In Black: The Man in Black is a gambler, or is perhaps the very incarnation of gambling itself. He seals his deals with draws of the deck, rolls of the dice, and flips of the coin. He's quite the loan shark, but owes many loans himself. Perhaps he's made a bet with another Sponsor to see who could pick the best hero--or the worst, considering who he chose. Also, clearly, he has mind-dominating powers. His champion, Jack Fox, was the first to die and he didn't take that well.
  2. Artemis: Long ago, the gods and goddesses would use mortal pawns in their political games and power plays. The gods had mighty heroes at their disposal: Theseus, Heracles, Perseus... Brawn and might won the day, and women were the prizes to be won. One goddess, Artemis, did not accept these rules, and she chose for her champions the race of Amazons.

    The times have changed, and the arena has changed. The gods of Olympus have faded into myth, their heroes now star in pop culture media. Young Hercules, Wonder Woman, the Clash of the Titans...The faces of the heroes have changed, and the gods have taken on less auspicious guises. Artemis poses now as Diana Thea, a CEO for an international cosmetics company.

    Artemis has always been a jealous guardian of maidens. When the hunter Actaeon happened across her bathing, she reacted rashly and changed him into a stag. Her methods are more subtle now. Upon discovery of this ancient dungeon, she has taken to finding jilted maidens and offering them some small bit of revenge. She is fascinated by what happens to men as they find themselves in unfamiliar bodies. Will they become delicate and submissive when robbed of their masculine strength? Or will they rise to the challenge and use their new bodies to become bold heroines, like the Amazons of myth? There is no room for weakness in the labyrinth, and her victims would do well not to become the embodiments of their old stereotypes.

    Her champion is about to die in game (lack of activity from the player). That character was a man who was transformed into a woman for the dungeon delving. Your story could be a similar one.
  3. The Cat Lord: (Using the version presented in Planescape) She is playing a very different game. She is not an official sponsor, and her reasons are very selfish. She is trying to accumulate powerful artifacts stored inside the Dungeon that is being explored. Her champion has vanished (also due to player inactivity).

One other important-to-note thing. If you go for the full build/partially random build, the following options are no longer available: Eladrin, Warlord (Marshal), Bard (though the alternate Bard's like Skald are available), and Monk. These classes could be part of a Hybrid class though.

Also just for those of you who do plan on fully building or partially building your character, here is what the group currently has:

A half-elf Fighter (Slayer)
A human Hybrid (Assassin/Seeker)
A Revenant (Eladrin) Hybrid (Swordmage/Warden)
A Human Warlord (Marshal)
A Halfling Warlock (Gloom Pact Binder)
and an Orc Warrior (NPC)

Here is the format for the Applications (as presented in my original Ad):
Application Information

You can post your applications in this thread on the game forum: New Game Applications

Thanks for your interest, and as I mentioned before, I will gladly answer any questions you have, but I want this recruitment to go quickly so that the lack of players doesn't slow things down too much.

Game Description:

Millennia ago, the celestials built a great dungeon. Within it, the celestials erected mammoth walls, locks, doors, and traps. It warded off those who would enter, but also walled in those who would escape; it was a dungeon larger than any ever known. Within it the celestials imprisoned hellish undead, demonic beasts, and fiendish monstrosities.

It was a perfect construction. Before the first dwarf would ever be born to sculpt stone, angels and celestials carved a work of art that no one would ever see. Perfect in every detail, it would stand inviolate for thousands of years. But none can say why the gods ordered demons and liches to be entombed and not destroyed. And in time, the gods would rue their mercy.

Centuries passed and the tomb stood unchanged. The champions who protected humanity from the liches and hezrou and pit fiends stood vigilant guard, ready to spend eternity in honor of the gods. But time passed over the celestials. The world forgot its heroes. Even the heavens turned a blind eye to the angels, inevitables, and guardians serving out their destiny entombed in the earth.

No one is sure how much time passed; history has forgotten the quest of the celestial heroes. One thing is certain: the earth is an unforgiving mistress and her power cannot be held back.

An earthquake cracked the foundation of the dungeon. The rift spread for miles, nearly ripping the dungeon in two. Into the rift flowed magma, but it did not boil the occupants of the dungeon. The temperature rose beneath the earth, and the cold home of the unliving became capable of sustaining life.

It was not long before the derro came. They made their homes among the rocks and tombs. Many of the traps set throughout the dungeon had been triggered, and creatures that the celestials had sworn to entomb eternally had escaped. In time, more subterranean creatures would make their homes in the rock. All the while, celestials contained the truest evils in the heart of this prison.

Then another earthquake pushed jagged earth through the dungeon floor, destroying a large portion of its foundation. Driders and drow dug beneath the rock and rubble to make their homes. The same earthquake tore a hole in the ceiling, and flying beasts like the arrowhawk and belker perched on the highest plateaus of their underground sanctuary.

As the dungeon's population grew, so did the celestials' fear that mankind would be destroyed by its inhabitants. Two titans made the long journey to the mountains and stood guard at the entrance and exit to the tombs, in eternal vigil.

Time passed. Few monsters made the climb down from the surface or pushed up from below. Only the strongest made a home in the debris of the prison. Eventually, more derro came, bringing other diggers with them. When they required more room, the derro dug deeper.

The burrowing derro caused a massive landslide, bringing thousands of pounds of earth and millions of gallons of water crashing in. Hundreds of derro and duergar died and the survivors moved deeper into the dungeon. Enlisting every manner of enslavable race, the derro crossed a giant chasm and started digging again.

Within the last hundred years, the dungeon has seen unprecedented activity. Every manner of creature lives in the dungeon. An elder treant and its elven entourage have made a refuge in the westernmost portion, while the undead have remained entombed at the northernmost point since the dungeon's creation. The core of the dungeon show the greatest sign of conflict, with angels and devils waging a war that must end poorly.

Others have learned of the great dungeon, they know little of it's history or true nature, but they have found a way to make it worth their time. Stealing away "players" from an alternate dimension they entertain themselves by sending in groups to explore the depths and they watch, betting on the outcome of battles and gloating over which of their "champions" live and die...

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I'm interested, but a tad confused about some points. Admittedly I just woke up so I'll re-read the instructions hehe

Originally Posted by Phuse View Post
I wouldn't mind taking up the orc. Feel free to PM me the details anytime.

If anyone else has an interest in taking up this role, I'll have to come up with something like a freestyle rap battle to the death to determine who gets it!

Originally Posted by Glyph View Post
I'm interested, but a tad confused about some points. Admittedly I just woke up so I'll re-read the instructions hehe
If after your re-read you still need clarification, then just ask away.

Also, I run some special rules in my games, so you may want to check out my Rules Thread. Specifically read up on how I do Critical Hits/Fumbles, Action Points, Fortune Cards and RPGA Cards. Nothing major, but some people dislike playing with houserules...

Yeah things are pretty clear. Though I think I need a bit of an explanation about the character creation rules. If I decide to go for a totally planned character, does that mean I'll have 4000gp to spend on equipment and the like?

Originally Posted by Glyph View Post
Yeah things are pretty clear. Though I think I need a bit of an explanation about the character creation rules. If I decide to go for a totally planned character, does that mean I'll have 4000gp to spend on equipment and the like?
That's where the incentive for going random comes in. Fully built characters get the short end of the stick with starting gold. They only get 800gp to start. And there are three character aspects that cannot be taken unless you "buy" them. They are
50 gp for a random Wild Talent, or 100 gp for a chosen Wild Talent
Wild Talents,
75 gp
Spellscars and
600 for a random theme, 800 for a chosen theme.

Also, I think it is important to note that your Background/Background benefit should reflect your life before coming to the dungeon (or choose something like Pivotal Event - Transformation).

4000gp is just the listed maximum for starting gold when going random/partially random.

Ohhh....right, I understood it the opposite way. I'm still unsure what I'm going to applying as, but definitely as a female under the sponsor of Artemis. Can imagine a flirtatious playboy seduced by her and flung into the dungeon as a transformed woman =P

Just to be clear, you can create your own Sponsors for this. Those three sponsors I gave are just a few that have already been introduced but have lost their champions inside the dungeon.


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