Calling all Prospective Villains!

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Calling all Prospective Villains!

The Bank Heist - Forum
Mutants and Masterminds
Estimated Members Requested: 1

Looking for about four super-criminals for a Mutants and Masterminds 3rd edition game. The nature of the game is you are all part of a small gang of C-list supervillians and you have one goal: rob the First National Bank of North Southhaven.

You will have to deal with bank security, cops, and of course the new superheroes in town.

This is going to be a PL 6 game, lower than most super-games, but fitting with the theme of c-list villainy. You are the guys that only appear at the beginning of an episode to showcase the heroes powers before getting thrown back in jail. The heroes you will be up against (or avoiding, if your smart) are of significantly higher power level than you so you'll have to be smart if you want to avoid prison.

Application info can be found in the game thread. I'll be closing the ad in a week or so.

Game Description:

You belong to a small group of C-list super-criminals in the city of North Southhaven. Your gang has been marginally successfully in the underworld having pulled off a few heists on your own and doing various jobs for local crime lords. You recently made a HUGE mistake though: you were hired as muscle by a man specializing in themed super villain weaponry to guard a huge weapons shipment outside the city. Excited over this big break your group went over every detail of the operation with each other at your home base, not realizing it was bugged by the Feds.

The shipment ended up being seized and the operation was busted. Though you escaped your former boss is not happy with this significant financial loss, one he sees as being completely your fault. To make a long story short you need ten million dollars and you need it fast otherwise he is going to have you killed.

The solution you have come up with is simple: Rob a bank! Get in, get out, easy. At least, it would be if it weren't for the new superheroes in town...

This does sound awesome. I'll give it some thought at work today.

How do you feel about someone applying with an Anti Hero? Someone who is only working with the criminals because he owes a crime boss or has to get the money to pay for his sister's operation. Something along those lines?

Does anyone have that website wit hthe MnM 3rd edition rules on it?

Well I don't own the book but someone game me this website which had all the rules for character creation on it. But I lost it and can't find it anymore. I would love to finish my character. I put up a rough draft for him on there.


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