[MUSTER] Example

[MUSTER] Example

Adventure BackgroundGive any adventure background here as well as tier information so that players will know which of their characters might be qualified for the adventure.
Adventure Tiers
Tier 1-2, 3-4, or 5-6

Muster Closing Conditions
Muster will close upon filling of all 6 slots or on MMDDYYYY.

Muster Information
GM Play StyleIn this area, the GM should include information on their play style. Are you Roleplay focused? Tactics focused? Do you run a quick game or a slower game?
This should help make sure that everyone knows what they are getting in to.

Player ExpectationsThis is the area for what the GM expects from his/her players. I like TatteredKing's, so I'm going to quote him here:

Originally Posted by TatteredKing
I expect people to post daily, Monday - Friday, to keep things moving. I usually update in the morning EST. If you haven't posted in the last 24 hours, and have not notified me of your absence, and we are in a combat situation, you will be put on Full Defense. If you have not posted for a week, and have not notified me of your absence, I may consider having you exit stage right. If you return before the end of the Scenario, I may consider allowing you back in, but I also may not give you full prestige, experience, or monetary reward. If you leave the game before the end of the Scenario, and do not return until after the scenario is completed, you most likely will not get a chronicle sheet.
Feel free to add anything you like here, you're the boss!

If this is going to be a problem for you, please reconsider joining this Muster and waiting for a game with a more X play style.
All players are expected to abide by the house rules and GM expectations specified here, as well as the Site Rules and the Guide to Pathfinder Society Organized Play

Mustered PathfindersMake a list of the confirmed PCs here, giving a little information about them so that others can have a quick reference as to what type of character might be most helpful, as well as what subtier this scenario is shaping up as.
  • Araya Kiyathor Wizard 1
  • Open
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