Renatasia:The Outer Rim

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Renatasia:The Outer Rim

Renatasia - Forum
Star Wars - Old Republic Era
Ad Closes: Jul 27 '12
Estimated Members Requested: 4

Renatasia. Seven habitable planets orbit this blue star, a rarity in the universe and one of the galaxy's best kept secrets. Hundreds of years have passed since colonists disappeared into the fringes of space and found this jewel of a system. They were disgusted with the violence and death that plagued the galaxy at large. A Sith fleet passes through the system on an exploration system. Nothing has been the same since.

This is a player driven sandbox game. Its plot will be initially created by the players, and at some points supplemented by them in the future. If you get bored easily and can't figure out your own character's goals then you need not apply.

Game System: RCR (Revised Core Rulebook)
Setting: Old Republic. Renatasia System
Main Plot: Anything your heart desires. In this game the players will be making the opening post, not me. If that means that your character is a space pirate, a nerf herder, or a pazaak shark then so be it.
Number of Players: I am looking several players for this game. You may apply as either a solo character or as a duo character. You do not need a partner in crime to apply as a duo character. I have the ability to make sure that two lone duo characters will end up together. However, you may also apply with a partner in mind.
Posting Rate:Depends on the individual players. I can usually post once a day, however real life always has priority. Do not be scared away if you cannot post that often. As long as the posting is consistent then there is value to the game. Depending on the players there may be certain times where we can have post-fests and continue posting while everyone is still available, thereby netting several weeks of play in a few hours.
Application Process: Please apply here
Character Creation: Information here. Character sheets are not required for acceptance and will not improve your chances of acceptance.

Game Description:

The seven habitable planets in the Renatasia system were settled in 3,950BBY by the same colonists that would also go on to settle Naboo. In 3,892BBY Renatasia stopped all communications to the Galaxy at large. They had fled from war on their home planet only to watch the Sith ignite the Galaxy in conflict. Their isolation was the only way they knew how to deal with the rest of existence. They simply ignored it.

3651BBY:The Sith rediscovered the Renatasia system in the middle of their stalemate with the republic. The worlds were enslaved for their raw resources. A Sith academy was set up on Renatasia IV. The secret location of the system would make it a perfect place to train new recruits.

3628BBY:Tensions loom. The Renatasian military fleets were disbanded. Technology is limited. The restrictions on freedoms get tighter each passing month. A small auxillary fleet is all that patrols the Renatasia system. None are allowed to leave the system and spread word of its existence. Everywhere Dark Sith recruits cause chaos.

"Never in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so few."
Hi Bob,

I have an idea for a character for this game who would be quite self-motivated, but I'd like to know if you think it's too cliché. Also, I would need to work with you to iron out some of the details. I would like to play as a Sith (a member of the Order, I mean, not a soldier), who for [insert reason] has had a change of heart or personality, and does not want to be a Sith anymore. The reason I worry about it being too cliché is because immediately after thinking of it I thought of the Bourne series and similar stories of spies who have a change of heart and are hunted by their organization. Anyway, let me know, and thank you for running a game on Myth-Weavers!



As long as it's well written it's good by my book. I'm all about a good betrayal. Besides, we're here to be actors and play a role. Who cares if it's been done before? Hasn't everything?


I'm posting this here so I don't clutter up your other application threads with things that aren't actual applications.

I'm interested in this, though I admit I know practically nothing about the Renatasia System. I'll probably make a pair of characters. How fast and loose are we allowed to play with canon? I'm not talking something goofy like playing a Starfleet officer, of course. I've been thinking of some kind of Iron Knight (may or may not be a Shard, perhaps stolen from its homeworld by a Sith scout) built into a synth-droid/HRD/cloned cyborg body, perhaps as a Sith experiment (by a mad scientist sorcerer intent on making a perfectly loyal warrior). It seems reasonable, given how Galactic technology really hasn't advanced that much in four thousand years and mecha-duru/Sith alchemy can cover the rest.

Not certain about the other character just yet. Might be a Jedi (or commando, ex-Mandalorian or otherwise) who penetrates the Sith blockade, only to have it end badly. Jedi crashes. The Iron Knight (Iron Massassi?) is the first one to the Jedi, the Jedi takes it prisoner (perhaps not realizing what it is - or realizing what it is, and that it's innocent 'cause it was programmed to be the way it is) and they escape into the wilderness.

If it makes you feel better, I'm GM pretty much all the time - so I have no problems with motivating characters to do something.

EDIT: Ooh, I think this can work fairly well with Hydra's idea.

Originally Posted by Solaris View Post
EDIT: Ooh, I think this can work fairly well with Hydra's idea.
I had the exact same thought. Would you like to apply as "partner" characters? If you want to go with the other character you had in mind, that's fine too of course.

Bob: Thanks. I'll get working on my application, then!

I do have a jedi idea that would fit here. funny enough, i hardly ever play jedi but i think it will work. sound like a blast nmw

Canon is pretty loose in this world. As long as you can make it believable I'm willing to let it fly. Example: I'm really found of droids. At some point in time you may encounter B1 battle droids even though they won't exist until 2,700 years later. GM and player are here to get something out of the game. Lets see what we can come up with. Creativity is the ultimate DM in my mind.

Sweet. Bonus points, it'll come with its own villain - the Sith wants its pet monster back, and the pet monster wants it dead.

Who isn't fond of droids? 'Sides, you could just pass 'em off as cheap Sith warbots controlled through a sort of Battle Meditation, replacing the central processor with a mediating warlord - assuming you want to go a high-fantasy instead of high-tech route with it.

The core book droid creation is much to ladking for me to play a droid in the revised edition. But I may do something with a gungan force adept.. not 100% sure yet.

I'm very open to droid creation. As long as you make it plausible I am completely fine with rolling with it. After all, most droids that you see in the movies/games are made by the lowest bidder. If you're 100% dead set on playing a droid then throw something together, even if you have to use the SAGA edition rules to make a droid that you want.


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