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Ascension - Forum
Rogue Trader
Ad Closes: Jul 31 '12
Estimated Members Requested: 2

Applications Go >>>HERE<<<

As the title implies, I am looking for 1-2 members to fill in vacant positions in the Rogue Trader game, Ascension.

Why I am Recruiting:
Our current roster is comprised of 3 of my real life friends. There was a fourth member but due to some unfortunate circumstances and events he took his own life. We feel that it would be best to finish out this game and honor his memory by doing something that he loved. His character has already been accounted for and will be departing for the conflict with Chaos at the Eye of Terror where he meets a tragic, but heroic, end bringing the fight to the enemies of mankind.

Where the Game Starts for You:
Currently, the game is suspended. It will resume after our friend's funeral and we will conclude the prologue. At that point in time the game fast forwards about 3 years and picks up with our intrepid adventurers at the location classified as "Port Wanderer." This brief skip is a perfect time to introduce new characters.

As a closing, thank you all for taking the time to read this. I look forward to reading some applications and if any of you are hesitant about submitting one feel free to peruse the forum and look at the story so far. It can be located under "Prolgue: Fiery Origins" in the sub-category "The Ship's Log".

If any of you have any questions or just want to chat you can do so in this thread. I will monitor it and respond daily.

Game Description:


A Rogue Trader Adventure

In the dark space at the edge of the Imperium countless fortunes await. If you have the will and the audacity to persist in times and places where dark things lurk, the life of a Rogue Trader is for you. Ascension is designed to be an epic Rogue Trader adventure that sees its cast of PC's raised from lowly voidfarers to lords of the stars. In game mechanics, this translates to a journey from level 1 all the way to the very top.

The game is designed in a unique way in that there is a prologue that explains how the Rogue Trader dynasty the PC's are in comes to be, and sets the players off to do what they will. I intend to look very closely at the Rogue Trader's inclinations and desires to craft the remainder of my story. There are a few main plot points but beyond that it is up to the Rogue Trader how to procceed.

Also of note is the fact that the prologue is crafted to introduce both the concepts and in game mechanics that make Rogue Trader so fun. In short, this game is for advanced and new players.

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There is a capable character already. And the PCS dont have their ship taken away. They get the one that rescues them.

Okay... I reread the intro, I think I see that. Sorry, I'm a bit overtired... So where will the exploring be likely set, in a broad sort of way? Doing the standard Koronus Expanse, or a different area?

I've got an idea for a tech-oriented character broiling in my head...

Koronus expanse at first but anywhere after that. I stated its very open and the PCs will be deciding where to go. Maybe you should take a break and revisit this when you are more attentive.

Elemtael, I have serious inquiries and will try to do your world justice. I have a question for you however. I envision my character being a Senschal. Is this career open in your game?

It is and virtually nothing has been written about the one already present. He can go away if required to do so.

The PC Rogue Trader seems inclined towards commerce and intrigue rather than open conquest so a PC Senechal would be quite appropriate.

Small but genuine application is posted, however I will have to go over your in detail application process for some much needed clarifying on my behalf. I tried to keep the character as close to humane as possible. While my first inclination was to use something out of Hostile Aquisitions I kept it core and have a planned path of character creation if accepted. So I ask, do you want more because I can write more in fact wait if we both can leave it as a work in progress I will add more probably this evening or night. Until then I bid you audieu GM.

First off - sorry for your loss.

I don't have an immediate idea - but if you are giving a couple days, I'd love to post something up for you. Is there anything you, as a GM, would really like to see? Any hooks or areas you are looking at? I've always preferred to build characters as pieces to a GMs story rather than forcing the story to conform so if you have anything you'd really love to see you can PM me if you don't want it out generally.

EDIT: Also - do you have any particular book restrictions? Rereading, the first idea that pops up requires one sourcebook so I wanted to see how you felt about that.

@Reader Requests - I will be sending out the Reader invites after I post this so all of you can look for that.

@ShiningIdeal - I don't really have anything specific in mind for additions to the currrent roster. As a player, I am rather intrigued by the idea of a Navigator and I think given their lineage and origin one such character could add quite a bit color to the story. Additionally a psyker would be interesting as it opens a lot of potential for description about the state of spiritual phenomena at the edge of the galaxy. I have read two of the Black Library Rogue Trader books and the idea of a vast nothingness is a writer's dream.

As for hooks, I have a list of a few characters that could integrate nicely; though playing one would require you to use a leveled DH or Deathwatch character rather than the traditional Rogue Trader ones. Most of the characters stem from the large Imperial organizations. I do need a jumping off point for the second chapter. Maybe your character (depending on the career) is part of a fallen family that was wealthy at one time but is no longer. You want to see your house restored to its former glory and have a scheme for vengeance or a way to get wealthy quick. One idea that comes to mind and already has a foundation would be you somehow have insight on the raiders that killed the previous Rogue Trader... I have a feeling the PC's are inclined to hunt those Chaos worshipping scum down and get some payback. Being that they are led by a daemon prince that could lead to some interesting possibilities...

At this time I am not allowing any other source books, though if you can tell me what specific material you are wanting to draw from I may be able to work my nefarious magic and take a peek at it.

Originally Posted by Elemtael View Post
Which requirements are you guys having problems with? I know RadicalD is a good player and i dont want to miss out on good apps because I wasn't flexible.
I don't have a Text Plan on my cell phone. The other req. was the 1/Day posting, but since you are really asking Once every Two Days, I might be able to get an application in that would be worthy of looking at. Though, to be fair... I am nowhere near a good player as RadicalD... so don't get your hopes up


Do you have any qualms about previous characters? I have created two different RT characters on this site and each game did not last very long. I wouldn't use them exactly as is, and mold them to fit your story of course.


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