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die increases

die increases

Ok I needs some help, I know a monk's damage dice tap out at 2d10 (4d8 large, 8d8 Gargantuan), but i need to figure out what the dice would increase to with four more die size increases. this is not increasing the monk's unarmed by monk level but extra class that state that the die size increases such as 1d6 to 1d8, 1d8 to 1d10, and so on for the large and Gargantuan sizes at monks max level

I'm not entirely certain of either what you're asking or the proper answer, but I believe:
2d10 increased by 4 steps will deal 12d8
4d8 increased by 4 steps will deal 16d8
8d8 increased by 4 step will deal 32d8

Note that the applicability of the above will depend substantially on the details of the means by which the damage is increased

It really does depend on why the damage die are increasing. Generally such comes along with size/effective size but there can be other reasons.

Otherwise, I think Tedronai has the right of it.

the dice are increasing via a class effect that increases the unarmed attack or natural attacks of the character "by one die step" a total of 4 times

thanks for the help

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Off the top of my head... Thayan Gladiator?
Fist for the Forest, and Initiate of the Draconic Mysteries

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