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Batman Shooting

It is also completely off the mark of my point, which is how the situation would be changed if the audience were wearing body armor.
Because everyone talks abouty using guns to defend yourself, but guns aren't really about defense. Guns are about threat elimination. Enough people with enough body armor could tackle a shooter (technically enough people without body armor could, but they would easilly be making themselves targets and probable casualties, with only a few making it to the shooter to tackle him.

Well, whatever the case is with how effective wearing body armor would have been, is it really realistic that lots of people would wear body armor in a everyday situation? That seems burdensome, and a fair bit paranoid.

Oh, if the audience were wearing body armor?
Not so much. I've seen men wearing full armor that they know will stop bullets shrink away from an attack. I've seen a guy freeze because they were using simunition on him and he was just that yellow. These are all trained soldiers. Even if the audience were wearing body armor, I doubt they'd trust it that much.

My thought is that an audience might trust it more- out of ignorance.
Also why I specifified the lightest armor available- less than what police wear on patrol. That people might actually wear with te same frequency as they wear guns, if it wasn't so firmly embedded in teh collective American psyche that guns somehow provide protection...

It doesn't seem to work that way. Really, the more work is in training people to trust their armor to protect them, not in getting them to think their armor stops anything.

Especially when it wouldn't actually do anything. A gun will actually put a criminal down. A flak vest will not actually stop a bullet.

Originally Posted by Inscribed View Post
That's a pretty big claim, one that positions you have a pretty good grasp of psychology and this specific man's mindset, neither of which I am convinced you have.

I actually study this stuff on a regular basis. My degree is in criminal justice with a minor is psychology. My study is geared more towards criminal profiling and investigation. If you look at the reseach on past crimes of this manor, the frame of mind of these kind of people is control. They have control over every thing they are doing. It is there fantasy. Once something breaks the fantasy they "tend" not to be able to cope with it and surrender. It is rare that they get more violent unless drugs are involved.

Originally Posted by Inscribed View Post
Can't say I am convinced, seeing as you just came with more claims.
Then argue his point. He has a reasoning - where's yours?


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