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Batman Shooting

I certainly wasn't trying to suggest that it was Fox's intention to cause shooting sprees, but the fact that this happened durring the Brittish occupation of China and theh fact that Fox uses a lot of rhetoric about being occupied by a somehow illegitimate liberal government suggests that it could be a contributing factor, regardless of intent.

Originally Posted by Atlictoatl View Post
I may be swinging in the other paranoid direction, but I personally see the hand of deliberation in these internet-initiated and -comported movements of mass paranoid delusion. I strongly suspect that there are groups of people who put this stuff out there and fan the flames of it, in order to keep the easily deluded whipped up into a nonsensical frenzy. It adds to the noise of an already chaotic society.
Well, yeah. I somewhat disagree with you on who's doing it, but yeah. It is not to
We the People
our benefit to have mass movements like that focusing on exotic delusions instead of surprisingly mundane things - like vote fraud, poverty, corrupt politicians, and all of the other solvable societal ills.
Fear, as every nerd knows, is the mind-killer. Keep people frothing in fear, and you can control them.

Originally Posted by Atlictoatl View Post
I find it bizarre that Trump has fed into it with the Birther stuff. He's at a level of power that he must be aware the issue is a nonsensical one, but it's odd that he's so willing to contribute to the destabilization that comes with it. I would have thought that his economic priorities would have him promoting greater stability, and can't tell if his ego is "trumping" his better interests, or what other agenda he might have.
I'll second that. I almost think he was trying to discredit the Birther movement and the right in general. Regardless of the truth of it, it's simply not something Americans are interested in anymore.

Re: Due process.
There's fifty witnesses and they caught him red-handed. How much due process does he need? How much doubt can there be? If there was a shadow of a doubt as to his guilt, I'd be arguing for his right to a fair and speedy trial instead of a trial by media. There isn't - his 'fair and speedy trial' just happens to be so much more abbreviated because there is no question of his guilt. They already proved him sane, so now all that's left is the formalities of establishing his obvious guilt.

Well... CO DA's office say they may seek the death penalty. They want to discuss the issue with the victims' families first... they have within 60 days after arraignment to ask for it - that should be happening Monday.

Originally Posted by Wippit Guud View Post
Which is funny, since it was Colorado I lived in. Mind you, I was younger (lived there '75-'78 and '83-'86) so I probably wasn't paying attention to gun laws. I just have that stereotype of Americans, I guess.
Posting tbis from the phone, so linking is something isn't going to happen. However, the theater chain apparently prohibits the carrying of firarm despite COs carry concealed laws.

Originally Posted by Little_Rudo View Post
I'm actually grateful that didn't happen. If there had been an armed off-duty police officer or current/former military personnel, fine, but the usual amount of training needed for a gun license is not going to prepare someone to deal with a scenario such as this. If there's one thing that could've made this worse, it's the addition of extra people, who are most likely confused, coping with the gas, etc., firing in the theater as well. It'd only add to the panic, and make things much more confusing for law enforcement trying to figure out just what is happening.
A distinct case of 'maybe, maybe not'. I personally would have rather at least had someone TRY. From the sound of it the only reason more people didn't die is because the guy was using a crappy aftermarket century magazine that jammed.

It also amuses me that people always say 'well if it was a cop then it would be okay'. Most police officers never fire their gun beyond the shooting range. Even less are ever in an actual fire fight. The majority of cops you are likely to meet are no more likely to do any better in the above scenario than anyone else with a gun.

Originally Posted by Madadh View Post
A distinct case of 'maybe, maybe not'. I personally would have rather at least had someone TRY.
I agree. I've noticed that a lot of these mass shootings lately have occurred in "gun free" zones, where law abiding concealed carry permit holders will not have their guns, but those intent on breaking the law will.

Care to back that up with some actual statistics rather than just musing in a way that vaugly supports your agenda to return the US to frontier days?

Columbine, Fort Hood, Virginia Tech, Virginia Tech again. This incident. There are a few others that I don't recall off the top of my head.

The guy was using smoke grenades and dressed in full body armor. Had someone in the theater tried to return fire, they'd have had a much greater chance of accidentally hitting another innocent than of doing any harm to the shooter.

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