Rise of the Dragons

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Rise of the Dragons

Rise of the Dragons - Forum
Dungeons & Dragons 3.5e
Estimated Members Requested: 5

Welcome adventurer, to the grand twin city of Phyr'Tolar. Please present your letter of introduction to the Captain of the watch, and your arrival will be announce. King Baigan Phyr will be pleased to know that you have arrived for his requested audience.

Also, please know that King Baigan Phyr has given you this opportunity because your name has been brought to his attention as a reliable traveler of some renown. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity that only a fool would turn down. The King offers you a chance to discover the secrets behind the greatest heirloom of the Phyr family line, The Legendary Orb of the Blood Star. If you can discover it's secret, you will be rewarded beyond your wildest of dreams. Should you fail, well, you're probably already dead.

Character Generation
Levels: All characters start at level 5
Races and Level Adjustments: Nothing greater than a +1 LA without first seeking DM approval AND explaining why you must play that race. Absolutely NO Dragonkin and NO classes that have any basis on dragonkind.
Abilities: 4d6^3r1, No Point Buy for unhappy rolls, Reroll if Sum of Mods is +0 or less, or if there are no scores above 13.
Alignment: Absolutely no evils and no Chaotic Neutral. I'm the only evil one in this campaign.
Hit Points: Max + Con for first 2 levels, then roll as normal for every level beyond, No rerolls for HP.
Starting Wealth: 7000gc. No item may cost more than 4000gc. In addition, Once the campaign starts, I will roll each character a random magic item, to portray treasure gained from adventuring prior to this campaign. The random Magic Item may be kept, or sold at 60% listed value.
Flaws & Traits: No voluntary flaws or traits, one manditory flaw randomly chosen

You should all roll "1d50z" and refer to the chart above to determine character flaws

Valid Source Material: If in doubt, ask. If I say no, consider it invalid. No Dragon Magazine, No Homebrew, No Tomes.

Just felt it needed to be added, since I'm seeing it pop up on character sheets. Please do not choose Draconic as one of your starting languages. Dragons have not been known on this world outside of legend and myth in tens of thousands of years. No source material exists with which to study the language.

Game Description:

Come one, come all, to the mid-magic world of Drazil, that I have spent countless hours tinkering away at and building. This is a new world and campaign setting that I've spent the last 5 years designing. The World of Drazil is one of a pair located at the center of a solar system. It and it's sister world orbit each other between a pair of binary stars. Drazil, due to it's rotation, and it's location between the twin suns, is a world that knows no night. Instead, for 3 hours, twice a day, there is twilight as one sun sets and the other sun rises. As you can imagine, this leads to a world that has several vast deserts.

This is a world where the ancient, mythological dragon is something of legends, a beast told of in stories to frighten children, and leave adventurers in awe. Rulers claim dragonblood to subject those beneath them, and even the gods themselves pay homage to the great beasts as creators. No living person has ever seen such a beast, though they are known to exist.

The purpose of this campaign is to allow myself, and others to explore this new world, to help create it's history, and to weed out any design flaws in it's geography, cosmology, etc. I appreciate any interest in this game, and thank everyone who applies in advance for your consideration.

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Expressing interest. I'm come up with an app soon.

Edit: I hope it's alright if I apply as a Ninja from Complete Adventurer. If not, I'll change my concept.

Also expressing interest.

By "Tomes", do you mean Tomes as in those 3rd-party rules (i.e. as opposed to Tome of Battle/Magic)?

As for allowed sources... do any of them glow with an unmistakable blue radiance?

I'll express my interest as well.

Would a Warforged Artificer (both the race and the class are from the Eberron setting) be allowable?

Expressing interest.

I'm interested. I would like to run a warmage from complete arcane, and possible enter the Elemental Savant Prestige class from the same book, if that is allowable. If not, I can change

Boonbies I read your screen name as Boobies and thought that was awesome. Then I realized I can't read when tired. I am interested in trying something out for this game. I want to go pure Monk with maybe a splash Initiate of the Draconic Mysteries prestige class. Have to go read my draconomicon book again. But anyways thinking happy go lucky monk with a big old floppy hat and a feather in it. I would like to wear a hybrid outfit. Explorers jacket tunic and belt with pouches and bandoliers of stuff. Hiking boots and monk robes pants with a cloak of some sort. Is this alright with you gm? I will get an app up within 3 days. Sheet will take longer.

Originally Posted by Grey8 View Post
Would Lizardfolk be okay?

think me an you are on the same page lol.

Was thinking of a lizard druid

Interested as well. I'm looking to play a ranger, likely human.


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