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A Dread Necro Needs Dreadful Items

Already know that trick, but I took a different feat and then templated Necropolitan onto it at 3rd level which gets me the undead type, more hit dice, and since I paid extra gold and experience, I found a corpsecrafter to perform the ritual and give me bonuses. Besides, the Necropolitan fits the class better with twice the HD

I found this while I was researching things for a rebuker/commander cleric:

Ruby Skull of Wee Jas: Complete Champion 134: This stylized symbol carved from ruby resembles a skull stretched and twisted by magic. Its empty eye sockets stare unceasingly at the viewer. When used as a focus for Death domain or necromancy spells, a ruby skull of Wee Jas increases your effective caster level by 1. In addition, when used to rebuke or command (not turn or destroy) undead, it grants a +1 bonus on your turning damage rolls. 350gp

I'm not positive on the price, can anyone shed some light on that?

Yup, that price is correct. It's an enhanced holy symbol, so you have to worship Wee Jas at least a little bit to use it.

Black Sand. As spell and/or item. You can lace the stuff in your clothing and it grants fast healing. Causes damage to grapplers. And if you're REAL lucky, your DM will let it constitute a darkness aura for various purposes.

Originally Posted by silverwolfer View Post
haha, if I dm a game, that would need a lil higher spell price maybe 550, but how badly does wee jas domains suck?
Wee Jas is one of the go-to gods for necromancers.


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