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Heroes wanted

Dark Ascension - Forum
Dungeons & Dragons 3.5e
Estimated Members Requested: 4

Game Advert

IntroDoruman was the last to enter the elders' meeting hut. He pushed aside the bead curtain decisively and strode across the small space, easily skirting the firepit to take his place at the head of the group. Ivy, the youngest of the group and the only non-human, was still amazed by how easily the aged and blind man moved. Diane, the third and final elder, had chaffed under the rigid old man's lead for too long and only found disrespect in his persistent tardiness; if she or Ivy had been late they would have felt the stiff lash of his ascerbic tongue. As it was the old man did not even offer an apology or even an explanation for the delay.

Ivy smiled kindly at Doruman. With her patient stillness and sharp elven features edged viridian she looked not unlike an exquisitely carved statue just starting to take on moss. Diane by contrast, red in robes, hair and ornamentation, was more like the fire in the pit; dancing in place, barely containing furious energy and destructive power.

Doruman, blindfolded and decorated with dozens of necklaces of shell and stone, finally broke the silence. He had a knack for extending it just long enough to remind Diane who was in charge.

"I bear terrible news," he intoned.

Diane stopped herself from scoffing, just. Everything was terrible news with Doruman.

"We already know this Summer will bring with it the Walk of the Blooded Trees. I now know that this will coincide with the Rise of the Drowned."

Diane's sneer dropped. For once the blind seer had understated his words. They had known for some time the Walk was coming. That is why Ivy had been invited to join their council when Halvor had vanished, so that she could bring her Elven knowledge to bear. Ivy frowned but didn't otherwise react. She was only two hundred years old and had never experienced or heard of the Rise before.

Diane saw the elf's expression and added, "All of those who have perished at sea, every sailor that drowned or was slain by pirates, every soul that has fallen from the cliffs: once every few centuries they all rise again, taking to the shores to seek revenge on their living brethren. The longer between Rises the worse they strike. It has been over four hundred years since the last Rise and there are probably thousands of Drowned waiting to wreak havoc on the breathing world. The last Rise destroyed our town and many of the other coastal towns, and they didn't have the Walk to contend with."

Ivy blinked, swallowed. "What are we going to do? With all the disappearances we are already struggling! Our preparations for the Walk are incomplete. How are we going to cope with the Rise too?"

"We will send to Gavony for help," Doruman replied. "We cannot spare our own people so we shall have to ask for volunteers. Or, more specifically, we will pick out those with the ability to aid us, and request strongly that they volunteer."

"Do they have time to sail?"
Diane asked.

"No," Doruman replied. "They will have to journey across land and face every peril there is to offer."

Game Type and Setting
DnD 3.5 game with some horror elements, set in a dark fantasy world inspired by the Innistrad Magic the Gathering sets.

Game Master
Little ol' me.

Game Explanation
The game starts in the quiet fishing town of Redfil. The town wisefolk have divined that the regular but infrequent Rise of the Drowned is set to coincide with the more frequent Walk of the Blooded Trees. The player characters have been asked to travel to Gavony and request help. The journey by road is long and dangerous and it requires those with skill and bravery to match.

Travelling to Gavony is where the journey starts. Dealing, or failing to deal, with the dual Rise and Walk is where the first chapter ends.

Your characters need not be local just as long as they have a reason to help. (Yes, they will be paid :-) )
Redfil, like every other settlement suffers from random disappearances. In the last few months however these have worsened. There is a curfew and no-one is permitted to be alone outside at any time of day.
Your characters, even at level 2, are among the top 10% or so in the town, power-wise. Similarly elsewhere in the world. The vast, vast majority of folk are 1st level NPCs. There will be others around with mojo but they are a rarity (of course in game it won't feel like that necessarily because of who you end up interacting with...)

Application Process
Please fit the following into your application:
* Character bio (name, age, race, description, background, personality)
* Role in party (class + anything else you think is relevant such as feats or plans for progression)
* Why your character would be asked for help and why they said yes (or perhaps it's not that straight-forward...)

Feel free to put parts of your app in private tags if you want to keep any secrets.

Application will be open for two weeks and I am looking to take approx. 4 players. Applications go in the game forum, questions can be asked here or in the forum.

I'm looking for interesting characters that fit into the mood of the setting, combined with coherent writing.

Character Creation
Level 2, 32 points, max HP, standard wealth (900gp). No alignment restrictions.

Acceptable Source Material
Core (including UA, Psionics and PHB2)
Races of
Tome of Battle
Magic Item Compendium + Spell Compendium

Maybe. Feel free to ask
WotC website material

Anything else - don't ask, please.

Any additional information or requirements
I am open to new players and new 'Weavers. As I'm trying to diversify my player base I will be prioritising the apps of players I am not already GMing for.

Posting rate: I'm looking for a commitment to three times a week. I normally post Monday, Weds-Friday and at the weekend depending on what's going on.

Notes on wealth, loot and progression:
I am intending for the characters to advance fast by PbP standards. Expect your characters to level up. This tends to be rarity in PbP games so be prepared :-) I also intend to give out rewards and bonuses beyond XP such as bonus feats. I'm not going to tell you what these are in advance. If you don't like surprises and don't like your characters to be boosted beyond the rules this likely isn't the game for you.

Partially because the advancement rates will outstrip actual encounters and partially due to the nature of the setting, you shouldn't expect to follow WBL. Neither should you expect to be able to find and purchase particular expensive or magical items. This shouldn't be an issue just don't base your concept on getting your hands on particular items - unless of course you can make them yourself!

Game Description:

The game starts in the quiet fishing town of Redfil. The town wisefolk have divined that the regular but infrequent Rise of the Drowned is set to coincide with the more frequent Walk of the Blooded Trees. The player characters have been asked to travel to Gavony and request help. The journey by road is long and dangerous and it requires those with skill and bravery to match.

Travelling to Gavony is where the journey starts. Dealing, or failing to deal, with the dual Rise and Walk is where the first chapter ends.

It sounds complicated, but it isn't.

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This is really interesting to me - and the first D&D game I've really had interest on at first blush (I normally skip over them in the ads section to be honest), but I got a similar feel you did I think. I just picked Magic back up a couple months ago and fell in love with the themes and art and mood in the books. Are you using the major city states? I know most of the established material not so much.

I'd really love to play but I'm super rusty on character generation in 3.5 and beyond that.. I've never been good at making the mechanical part of a character work. Once or twice in tabletop I built really effective characters but I tend to be way more attracted to fanciful combinations and stylistic things..

So with that in mind - while I'd love to play and be involved and I'm a pretty good player - would you be willing to help me with the character generation parts a bit if accepted?

Definitely interested as a wood elf ranger.

Alright. One last question...

Am I allowed to use the Dungeon Crasher variant? Its in the Dungeonscape rulebook.

As of right now, I'm planning on an orc fighter who lives underground in the bowels of society. Though he lives by a "might is right" mentality (true to most orcs), he is bright enough to know that the society in which he dwells is more sophisticated than that, even though he may not understand or agree with it.

Essentially, the main reason he is able to exist in society is because he lives out of sight in the bowels of a (yet to be determined) urban area. He lives underground, under the floorboards of some rich patron (who is aware of society's prejudices but sees the usefulness of the orc), who keeps the wretched orc hidden until his services are required.

He operates at night so not many people can see him, though he is far from a subtle opponent. Used to confined quarters (hence dungeoncrasher variant), he is a bulldog who smashes down doors, charges through walls, and hacks opponents into submission.

This will be fleshed out much better, but this is the general idea I'd like to run with. The orc is sent to represent his rich patron (who is well known, either famous or infamous, and hence is asked for help by your protagonists) , though he understands little of what is going on. He is easily frustrated when told he doesn't understand what is going on (he's a tad self-conscious in this area), and his release is venting his pent up aggression.

He is crude, profane, straightforward (LE or NE). Because he has never been treated kindly in his life (he is fed well by his master, but the man never actually spends time talking to him), he is suspicious of other peoples' motives if they appear to be nice to him.

Shining: I'm more than happy to help with the crunch, for you or anyone else. Just concentrate on the fluff. At this point tis the fluff that is important.

Matt: Sounds like a fine fit.

Nsok: Dungeonscape isn't on the allowed source list. You can apply with a Dungeon Crasher if you like but it won't help your chances of being accepted.

Ok, cool. Would a variant Half-Dragon as per Races of the Dragon be ok? (Pages 70-71)

Shadowbright I already asked you to allow Astral deva from savage species so I could play an angel in this game, so I'm just posting this to make it official.

This looks interesting. Is the source list exclusive? I really like the classes from ToB, but I have always wanted to use Magic of Incarnum, and Tome of Magic (well, the Binder at least) is pretty cool too. Likewise, how about gear from e.g. the Magic Item Compendium (even if just to start off with, given it may be hard to find specific things later)?

Interested. Look for an app before too long, SB. Be doing it right along finishing up a summer course, so should be...interesting!

Also are flaws from Unearthed Arcana allowed?

Speaking of which, do you want character sheets along with the apps?


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