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Translating Dragon Age to DnD

Translating Dragon Age to DnD

So as the title suggests I am looking for some help translating Dragon Age monsters into a D20 Format. The reason for this is I have a RL group playing in a restarted campaign and we have almost completely forgotten what was going on. So I what i am doing is running them through a 'Blight' as it were. Unfortunately we have somewhat run aground with the standard monsters, to us they feel over used as most of us have been playing dnd for 10+ years.

Here is what i am looking for:
  • Suggestions for Monsters I could look into to emulate the Darkspawn.
  • I am looking to translate the Demons as well so some help there would be great.
  • While i am leery of trying to adapt the magic I do like the Rune Enchanting so any suggestions.
  • If you have any links or even homebrewed creations of your own I would love to see them.
  • Any general tips for the game.
What i don't need:
  • PC Classes ( everyone has already made their characters and i have even homebrewed a few)
  • NPCs (i don't plan on the group ever encountering people from the games so there is no need)
Thanks for any help you guys can give.

So i just realized i put this in the wrong place. If i could get a Mod to move this to the GM workshop I'd appreciate it. Thanks

If you want to translate the whole of the DA series to D&D, I would suggest just playing a different system. I hear there is a decent Dragon Age system floating around, though I haven't played it myself. And even if that doesn't suit your taste, there are other systems that are far more malleable than D&D that you could use, like GURPS or Savage Worlds.

On the other hand, if you just want to create some darkspawn, I'd suggest starting with base races as templates, adding extra abilities and such to flavor them out as much as you want. Remember, all the darkspawn from the DA universe are created from the base races; humans turn into hurlocks, dwarves to genlocks, elves to shrieks, and quanari to ogres. Though admittedly, there are no "quanari" in D&D, so you might have to tweak with that a little bit.

yeah the dragon age system is actually pretty good in my opinion. Only problem you will need to get multiple books for the different levels of power, first book stop at level 5 If I remember correctly, you will need second book for up to level 10 I believe.

Ya i am not trying to translate the whole thing into dnd more just the monsters. Other then Darkspawn most of the ofther enemies i have faced are standard Fantasy fair (dragons, bandits etc). It makes sense to use the base races as a starting point and as for the quanari they can be Half-orc without too much trouble. Any ideas on where to look for good templates (Books and what not) or maybe some suggested pumps for them?

Darkspawns frankly aren't anything too special, your standard orcs/evil dwarves can be used for most of them, Ogres are well ogres. The demons some of them are closer to elementals like the rage demons, others type of demons are closer to standard fiends/outsider in dnd, just some little work to make weak and high powered versions. Lust demon could be probably be done with succubus fairly easily, just adjust the HD to represent stronger or weaker lust demons.

For the mage aka Wizards, something close to a corruption system might be appropriate (Heroes of Horror I do believe has something like that) to show the connection to the fade and the demons in general. Oh yeah by default in your setting every mages has the ability/spell to go into the fade (some kind of astral plane shift).

Dragon age origins classes and races, could strangely fit easily with pathfinder in general but if you aren't using pathfinder, well just work on the other effects.

Goliaths might work better for Quanari, or Half-Giants... seems like they should have Powerful Build due to their rather mighty size.

I would just make a 'darkspawn' template and slap it on whatever you feel like. I think some of the various darkspawn races were just corrupted creatures anyway. Hurlocks are humans, Genlocks are dwarves, etc.

I don't know about that, some of them have powers specific to their race. Slapping a one-size-fits-all template onto a half dozen races isn't really going to fit the flavor that the OP is looking for, I'm sure.

I like the idea of using the Goliaths as the Quanari they are very similar. here's what i was thinking for Hurlocks:
Hurlock (human)
HD: Xd8 (adjusted for difficulty)
BaB: full (1 per HD)
Saves: good Fort, poor Ref, good Will per HD
Str 16, Dex 14, Con 12, Int 8, Wis 10, Cha 6
Special: Taint of Corruption, Darkspawn traits, Die Hard, Weapon Focus (longsword or Bow)

Taint of Corruption: Any creature hit by a Hurlock's attack must succeed on a Fort save equal to 10+ Hurlock's HD or take 1d6 of Wis damage. Any creature that has their Wis drop to 0 by this attack becomes Darkspawn 1d4 rounds later.

Darkspawn traits: all darkspawn have a +4 bonus to resist charm and enchantment spells and effects due to their twisted nature. (looking for a little input for additional trait bonuses i might add, not very familiar with creating my own unique monsters.)


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