Running game needs new DM

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Running game needs new DM

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Dungeons & Dragons 5e
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So a short while ago a dnd 5th edition game was started and running and then the DM who started it dropped out and for a while I {Who also plays the Human Cleric} took over as DM. However the group and I agree that we need to find a actual Dm who can pick us up from the middle of this goblin infested hell hole and get us back on track.

We all voted that we wanted a Roll play game and we are looking for a dm who matches.
We all have great characters who are having a ton of fun so post interest if you have any and help us get our game going strong again. Thanks for your time

Game Description:

Just a playtest for D&D Next, clearly.

You may find more help by posting here:

Ads are for GM looking for players, not the other way around.

Looking for a GM belongs in Game Planning or "Mordae's GM Rescue Society", which has already been mentioned (and linked) above.


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