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Cortex+ fantasy

CortexK Fantasy - Forum
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This is a game using the Cortex+ system as seen in Smallville for a fantasy setting. The players can be the movers and shakers in a big melting pot in a grand fantasy universe. They could own a Tavern, be members or leaders of the Thief's Guild (or the Carpenter's guild), wealthy merchants, member of the city watch or (corrupt?) nobles.

The setting isn't very detailed at the moment as it will be so during character creation. I am looking for an interesting group that will make for a great drama.

Game Description:

Using the Cortex+ system as seen in the Smallville setting for a fantasy game with similar tone to Game of Thrones. Not much more to say, as most of the setting will be created during character creation.

Count me in!

I'm thinking corrupt noble - you can never have too many of those!

i would say i'm interested, but i have no knowledge of Cortex+
Would it be possible for you to teach me the rules?

I briefly ran a Cortex+ game as well (and I've also run Pathways on my own to create settings) so I can help with the rules as well.

Sure. Should be possible. I advice that you look at the preview available on drivethrurpgs/RPGnow as it includes the pathways chart which will be handy to have

I'm interested! Looking into Cortex+ now and will muse on a concept - thinking some kind of legit merchant enterprise atm though.

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