Teen Titans #1 - Smoke and Mirrors pt. 1


Hero PointsTwo
We are carrying on from where we were at the end of our solos, yes?
-1 Toughness

Arrowette grinned at the shadowmancer. “Nice shot scruffy!”

She looked up when the two new portals opened up in the sky above them. The first person through, the musclebound behemoth in a suit like Ten’s, was obvious a member of the Royal Flush gang, and if the expression on the second person’s face was anything to go by, she was either another hero, or the person being stolen from. The second portal was much more interesting to Arrowette however.

“Robin!” She exclaimed in surprise. “Man, am I glad to see you.”

Tim Drake! She thought with considerable relief. It was nice to see a familiar face – well, mask – that she knew she could count on. It was great that there were so many people around willing to help, but she didn’t know any of them (an alarming fact all on its own, seeing as in her universe she knew basically everyone in “the community”), and she didn’t know if she could rely on them.

Expertise (Hero Lore) - Red-X:
Dice Roll:
d20 Results: 14 (Total = 19)
OOC: An assessment on Red-X too, if I could ;3 . I'm not as worried about Ace, but it probably couldn't hurt either.

Flying on his Card, Jack's hands suddenly snap to his head and he growls out in anger, "Get out of my head Martian!"

Robin's eyes snap over to Lian, "Arrowette?! What's going on?" even as the Boy Wonder asks, he springs into action, his staff colliding with Red X's energy blades as the former leaps towards him. The two face off move for move, staff slapping against blades, kicks dodged and punches blocked away, each of them moving back and forth in a deadly dance,
"Mission's done kid! now it's the fun part! Gutting you alive!" Red X growls at Robin, his blades a slashing back and forth with a precise fury,
Robin's staff snaps across to block another attack and he cocks an eyebrow down at his smaller opponent, "Kid?!" what are you, like ten?!"

GM Box

Red X and Robin will basically be keeping each other occupied unless others join in.

Indigo's turn! I will be travelling tomorrow so probably no update then (That said I've a multi hour layover... so actually maybe there will be)

Ace and Indigo immediately resume their flight, slamming into each other and tumbling away

GM BoxAce and Indigo are sidelined until Ryfte comes back. Maika's up.

Dodge: 7 / Parry: 3 / Fortitude: 7 / Toughness: 7 / Will: 6
Hero Points: 1

As the portal opened underneath her, Catwoman turned in the air and landed on her feet crouching inmediatly. Clearly this was NOT Gotham. It took just less than a second for her eyes to adjust to the bright light of California and her tail moved frantically as she saw Robin fighting with that little demon. He was more tricking than a kit... Hissing in annoyance she kept her posture low to avoid being a target while she scanned her enemies.

An Archer, quite pretty was figting with that woman, who clearly thought that was proper attire, it was disgraceful. And there was allso that young men... Interesting, a shadow controller? That caught her attention, the Godess didn't like that kind of power, it was too close to Seth. She'll have to keep alert around him

The pretty demon girl was fighting the behemoth, and Catwoman was not going to interfere in that fight, she was not suicidal.

What else? And armored Mr freeze figting aganist a... Martian? Well, this truly was an interesting day! And who seemed to be the leader just joking around. Really, a leader fought alongside its troops! not directed behind them, he was a coward!

As it seemed that Catwoman was just ignored right now, she kept like that, slowly morphing her bones and structure to resemble the black leopard that she liked so much, gaining his strenght and agility.

As the Jack passed near her, she pounced on him, sharp claws aiming directly at his neck.

  • Free Action:Pouncing on Jack
  • Move Action:
  • Standard Action:
    Dice Roll: 1d20+10z
    d20 Results: 12 (Total = 22)
    Claws (22)

Dodge 02 | Parry 06 | Fort 05 | Tough 10* | Will 02 | Hero Points 00

Indigo felt her feet sink deep into the sand, the fine particles instantly invading her tattered shoes. The smell of water nearby was different than it had been at the tower or the water she'd been near earlier, it was cleaner here. The first thing that stood out the most was the sheer number of what must be heroes and villains gathered in one place. The second was the enormous fist that she barely managed to avoid accompanied by a loud growl of frustration from her oversized opponent. Everything other than her opponent suddenly became much less important as she focused on him.

Shaking her head and grinning Indigo ducked under another swipe, "Oh, come now! You can do better than that... can't you?" Turning her own duck into a crouch she pushed up against the ground beneath her quite literally leaping up towards his chin with her horns thrust forward. Let's hope this doesn't end up like the last time it did! She can feel her muscles surge even as she rushes upwards towards her target.
Behind the Scenes Str 08 Agi 02 Fgt 06 Awa 02 Sta 05 Dex 00 Int 00 Pre 01
Concussive Slam : Horns - Str (+6, DC25, Crit 20) | Eldrtitch Blast : Magic 6 (+6, DC21, 150/300/600', Crit 20)
Throw (+0, DC23, Bludgeon, Crit 20) | Unarmed (+6, DC23, Bludgeon, Crit 20)

Horns (Concussive Slam):
Dice Roll:
d20 Results: 15 (Total = 21)

Ace and Indigo crash into the water, each of them springing up in a spray of seafoam, fists already flying as they wade hip deep in the ocean. The battle comes to a quick end when Indigo thrusts her head forward, her horns piercing into Ace's metal side. The behemoth stops dead mid motion, and a voice can be heard echoing inside the metal.

"Oh god help, its filling up with water in here!"

Meanwhile back on the shore, Jack clutches at his head, "Get out of my brain alien!" The sentence is punctuated with a simultaneous scream both from Jack and Ardent. Reacting, Catwoman lunges for Jack, knocking him off his board and into the dirt. Both men stop their screams; Jack unconscious and Ardent curled over in the sand, breathing ragged.

His bo staff, colliding with against Red X's blades, Robin glances back over his shoulder, taking stock of the situation,

"Arrowette, help the martian!"

The masked warrior facing off against the boy wonder sneers,

"Not even your own team and you're still barking orders. Hmm, wonder who you'll get killed this time around?

Robin screams in rage and swings for Red X, but the strike's clumsy, and the he avoids the attack easily. "Lucky for you, I don't have time for this." And as Robin hits the sand there's a small explosion of smoke at Red X's feet, and he's gone.

Ten and Frostbite share a quick glance, before looking at the gathered heroes who now outnumber them.

As one their hands reach for the air,

"We surrender"

GM BoxCongrats, you've won this battle! Everyone gains a Hero Point for the complication of Red X escaping.

Dodge: 7 / Parry: 3 / Fortitude: 7 / Toughness: 7 / Will: 6
Hero Points: 1

As everthing came to stop, Catwoman found herself over Jack, a sharp claw over his throat and her tail moving furiously. But now her prey was unconscious and she had no interest in a dead body, even when it was very much alive.

"Hmff... And I thought you would be more of a fighter, shame" she said purring as she stood with her usual elegance. The faint sound of the bomb made her turn, her eyes narrowing when she saw that trickster dissapear and the young bird trembling with rage. Walking to him, she smiled at his lithe form "Don't worry, Robin. You'll encounter him again" she said between teasing and scolding. A predator never lets his prey go, but he was young enough to let this pass and lets be sincere, a Robin was not a bird of prey. She liked his temper though, more so when he was not around the Bat, her mentor had warned her aganist him enough to stay clear of him.

Looking at the other fights, she saw the Martian groaning in pain and she examined him for a moment before going to his side and offering a hand "Need a hand, honey?" she asked. The other could take care of the surrendered, they were not a threat now so she wanted nothing with them

  • Free Action:
  • Move Action:
  • Standard Action:

Hero PointsTwo
Condition-1 Toughness

“Arrowette?! What’s going on?”

“I was kind of hoping you might have an idea about that!” She replied in a more jovial tone than she actually felt. She executed a couple of artful dodges, avoiding the various attacks being thrown her way. Jack’s yell, and then his and the martian’s simultaneous screams drew her attention, and she was on her way to their sides before Robin and even given his command. She kept her bow trained on Ten as she got closer to the martian, ready to return to the fray as soon as she was satisfied he wasn’t in any life threatening danger.

When the combat came to its screeching halt, and the two remaining villains threw their arms up in surrender, Lian stalked towards them, leaving the martian to the cat girl’s care. Lian’s masked eyes narrowed into slits as she drew closer, ready for either of them to make one wrong move. She waited for Robin to join her before she did anything, instinctively following his lead.

“Open the visor.” She ordered Frostbite flatly. The guilt was back, but this time it was mixed with something else: embarrassment, and a bit of anger. With Robin here she could get a hold of Oracle and see if this sister really did exist; if she did, now that she had help, she could do something about it, and if she didn’t… well, it would serve her right for trusting a thief.

ObsidianHero Points: 3
Condition: Incorporeal

"Wait, that's it?!" Scott asked incredulously. "You guys try to kill us or something and you just give up like that? What's the catch?!"

The skinny young man took a tentative step back, away from everyone else. "Who ARE all you people anyway?" he demanded. "Why am I in California in the middle of a superhero battle?" He looked frantically from one person to the next. Shadows swirled around his body, and his form was dark, but transparent. It was like looking through sunglasses.

Scott fixed his sunglasses. "Could someone PLEASE tell me what's going on?" he pleaded.

OOCScott is staying Incorporeal until he knows he's safe. Unlike most of your characters, he is not a trained superhero

Robin ignores Catwoman's quips, but the clenched line of his jaw definitely gives the impression that the Boy Wonder may not have far to go before he snapped. Apparently his fight with the mysterious ninja hit a nerve. He walks over to the captives with Arrowette and Obsidian,

Frostbite's helmet slides open, revealing the same teenage blonde boy that Arrowette had seen earlier, a looks of sadness and shame etched across his face. For her part, Ten only smiles, but somehow managing to simultaneously toss a hurt pout in Scott's direction, "Oh come on honey. We never tried to kill you... I mean I can't speak for Jack and Ace, they were always a bit crazy. But Me and the popsicle are strictly PG..." The pout melts away and her eyebrow arches up, still smiling at Scott, "Well... PG for superhero fights. I might be a bit more of an "R" girl when it comes to other matters."

Ten giggles, giving her attention back to the group of heroes instead of just the poor shadow boy, "You got to California by following me through the portal. As for what's going on, you nailed it in one. Superhero battle."

"Stop screwing around Ten." Frostbite cuts in, he looks up to Arrowette with a look that says "I'm sorry."

"We were all brought in by a man named Abra Kadabra. Me, Ten, Jack, Ace, and the ninja kid who calls himself Red X. We were each given a job; to each steal a specific artifact from museums across the country. Each one is supposedly a piece of something to give Abra unlimited power through some ritual. We were told that distractions would be arranged so that no one would get in the way."

Listening to Frostbite's confession, Robin smirks, "Didn't count on the second stringers..." His ears perk up as sirens can be heard getting louder in the distance.

"We need to move soon, before this gets to be a media circus," Robin says in a tone that sounds like it would brook no argument.

GM Box

There will be one more update before this thread closes and we move on to issue 2. So any questions or what not, get 'em out now!


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