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Metro City Blues

Metro City Blues - Forum
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Things has gotten worse in Metro City. As far as you could remember, things were never perfect. There were gangs, and then they got more bold and vicious when the cops couldn't fight them off. But when you were just walking on the street five years ago, you remember seeing a guy or two beating up these gang bangers. One of them even walked over, stood in front of you as if he expects you to say something, and you did. "I wish someone would do something about these gangs." You said. The man didn't reply to your comment, and simply went back beating gangsters. You had a sense that he was a hero of some kind, some guy with a special past, and that one day, he is going to fight his way to the Big Boss. When the Big Boss goes down, the gang violence will stop and you can finally stop standing at this street corner telling people how you wished the city was a safer place.

But that didn't happen. When you saw the Big Boss go down in the news papers, the hero went his merry way but another different gang boss showed up at Metro City. The new gang was even meaner and more evil than the first gang. Sure another group of heroes came to save the city, You told the same thing to these nameless warriors, and they went on trashing bad guys. But the same cycle goes on, and on and on. Now there is even a gang of Ninja in Metro City. Every park, every subway, every hotel and every street has guys walking around in suspicious outfits.

One day, you just can't take it any more. It's time to put an end into this endless violence. Whether it be Heroes or Villains that has to receive your fist of justice, you don't care! You just want some peace and quiet! Suddenly you could move, you could walk around without sticking to some predetermined pattern. You have control of what you want to say. You could look inside of your pockets and see how much money you have. You feel like if you take off this jacket you are wearing you would look different. You felt you have finally obtained, that special spark that separated you from those nameless heroes. But you are different, those so called heroes are outsiders. They are just here for some misplaced sense of justice or the thrill of combat. You lived in this city all your life, and you swear that you will be the one to fix it!!! And as we all know, peace comes in many solutions.

Will you help the heroes to eliminate all crime? Will you rule over all the gangs as the supreme leader? Or will you just beat up everyone so there is no one left to fight?

For better or worse, Metro city will Never be the same.


About the Game

Hey guys, This is your GM Ginx. I have finally stopped applying to games and now my active games have dropped to a very, very manageable number of 2. This means I can run a game! This time I am not opting for some other system, this system is going to be of my design, which I will elaborate later.

Metro City Blues is a Freeform game based on all the side scrolling beat-em up games in that generic non-descript city you used to play in the 90's and early 2000's. Golden Axe, Street of Rage, Final Fight, Double Dragon, Captain Commando, River City Ransom are some of the most famous ones. The idea is to create a free formed combo system where you the players have the freedom to create. Starting with basic moves that you are happy with, create combos with what you think is cool looking!

Metro City Blue assume that your characters are NPCs who have suddenly become PCs, so you are not going to have an elaborate backstory. You will have to build that backstory. The story will have a lot of combat just as you have to beat "Stages" But you also have talk to both Villains and Heroes as well as locals. Bosses and MidBosses might become allies, trainers, merchants, or the other way around!

What I am looking for in a player is the following:

1. You must be committed. I am not crazy about post/day but I expect you not to give up and quit the game. Which means if you are already in like 5 separate games, this one is probably not for you.(I check)

2. You should love creative writing. Creating combos and wiping the floor with badguy should be a fun writing experiment.

3. Bonus points if you are experienced with gaming system. This is a system I am experienting with. To maximize fun and efficiency I will need ideas and input from players!

4. This is intended to be a lighthearted campaign, not for serious brooding lonewolfs who hates to work in a team.

"How Many Players?" I am accepting 2-4 players. Most fighting games cannot have more than 4 players.

"What should I have in my application."
I need a name, but not a normal or hyped character name such as Jason SoulBlade or something like that. I need a screen name. That's right you are a NPC who has been given the spark of a PC, as much as you character hates it. That annoying screen name is always going to float over your head.
xxxOV3RLORDxxx, JKid2012LOL, [RAGE]FalconPUNCH...and the such are what I am expecting.

The gender of your character: Male? Female? Cyborg?

Three adjectives that describe your character's personality: Lazy? Boring? Overbearing? you can have positive attributes too!

Your character's physical build: scrawny, big man, tall/short..etc

Any fighting styles your character draws inspiration from (TaiKwanDo, Karate, ProWrestling, Judo...etc)

Outside of fighting bad guys, you character should have a day job. What do you do in Metro City?

Rules on Diplomacy: Talking to people and convincing them is all based on how well you write that interaction. The more reasonable you sound, the more likely you are to succeed.

I will be adding in the rules in the forum section soon.

Game Description:

A FreeForm Game For Street Combat!

"He who takes offense when no offense is intended is a fool, and he who takes offense when offense is intended is a greater fool." - Brigham Young

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A freeform beat em up?

Could be interesting. Windows might be a good system to use though, being free and able to fit to any setting.

I'm interested... character forthcoming!

here's my concept! hope this game gets running!

Okay. I am trying to create this system. Everyone who is interested let me know how you like it.

The game is a very combat bases system. So here is how it works.

First there is a Level system, and the Level system provides you with how many moves you have access to.
Moves with 1 keyword are low level moves but never the less essential. Move with 2 keyword are special moves.
Moves with 3 keywords are highly advanced techniques, while moves with 4 keywords are signature moves that is obtained after secretive and legendary training.

# of keywords 1 2 3 4
Lv 1________ 3 0 0 0
Lv 2________ 3 1 0 0
Lv 3________ 4 1 0 0
Lv 4________ 4 1 0 0
Lv 5________ 5 2 0 0
Lv 6________ 5 2 0 0
Lv 7________ 6 2 0 0
Lv 8________ 6 3 1 0
Lv 9________ 7 3 1 0
Lv 10_______ 7 3 1 0
Lv 11_______ 8 4 1 0
Lv 12_______ 8 4 2 0
Lv 13_______ 9 4 2 0
Lv 14_______ 9 5 2 0
Lv 15_______ 10 5 2 1
Lv 16_______ 10 5 3 1
Lv 17_______ 11 6 3 1
Lv 18_______ 11 6 3 1
Lv 19_______ 12 6 3 1
Lv 20_______ 12 7 4 2

Each round, the two combatants must choose a move. Once the move is chosen, both are revealed, deciding the result of that round.

Idea of High and Low attacks
When you character create a move, you can be creative about how the attack looks visually. But you must choose for the attack to hit high or hit low. This matters in terms of mechanics.

Start Up and Delay
When two attacks are compared, the one with less start up executes first. If that attack connects, the enemy's attack that was going to execute will fail. Essentially ending the round.
When an attack has delay, it adds that much startup time for the next move.

Simultaneous attacks

If two attacks have the same startup time, and both attacks hits. Instead the fist and feet of the players connect with each other, or miss each other slightly, causing no effect.

As for character Stats there are 5 attributes:

Power: Represent the strength and brute force of attacks
Technique: How well you can manipulate your foes
Defense: How well you can defend against your enemy's attacks
Movement: How mobile you are and how fast you are
Potential: How much hidden strength can you draw out

All characters start off with 1 point in the 5 categories, and gains 1 point each time they level up to place where they see fit.

Keywords...These are what makes your attacks unique

Interested very cool sounding idea. Here is my concept.

Excellent! we have enough for game already

Let me give you guys some examples of how this game plays out.
I will take you through an sample character generation


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