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Ad Closes: Aug 11 '12
Estimated Members Requested: 5

“The Weaver-West Papers” is a short story meant to highlight the impact and shadows of a noir-style story for use with Mage Noir. Built in the style of a high-drama short story, this SAS should drag the characters along through the shadowy streets of the 1940s urban landscape at breakneck speeds with a terrible choice ahead of them and the dead and dying behind them.

The story itself is broken into four major scenes with a fifth scene available. Each scene has a focused spotlight for one character in the Lamppost Cabal. While any character can be involved in every scene, each scene a character will have a chance to use their abilities to directly affect the flow of the story.

Due to the fact the characters are pre-made to give those who might find this Ad later than others a fair chance at playing each applicant will write a 3 paragraph sample about the character they have chosen to play. This short story will be up to the player but must be something interesting or important to the character. An example would be Nightingale having a singing performance in Chats with a magical twist at the end.

Closing Date: This Ad will close 2 weeks after it started, on 9/29/2012.

Maximum Players: 5

Who I am: I've been GM/ST/DMing for the past several years on various chats and I just don't have that kind of time anymore to dedicate to a chat so I've moved to Play by Post as my primary location of enjoying my hobby. My preferred game systems are Star Wars Saga Edition and World of Darkness(old and new).

Posting Requirements: Twice a week minimum. I don't demand a post every day but several times a week is expected unless RL or emergencies interference occurs. Please communicate with me if you have the time so I know what is going on. If you go longer than 2 weeks with no notice and absence you will be NPC'd and when convenient written out of the story if the absence continues. This game won't freeze up because one individual stops posting.

Expectations: This game will run till the end of the SAS adventure. After that myself and the players will discuss running more adventures or calling it quits. However my goal is to have the adventure completed within a year of the game starting.

Game Description:

A multiverse forum for games placed in the World of Darkness, both new and old. Not all games are required to be related to each other and can be run separately. If you'd like to run a game here please PM Burne.


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Hm. For the application, do you want the writing sample just put in the character's thread?

Edit: Just realized those threads are locked. How do you want applications?

A pity that it is all pre-made characters. Looks cool thought, even if I will skip out this one.

If we aren't sure which character we want - can we write a longer story combining multiple characters of interest into a single narrative or should it be multiples?

The idea behind the writing sample is to show you have a grasp on the type of character you are wanting to play. You could write a story combining multiple members of the cabal if you'd like.

@Knight, a shame you don't intend to play. You were one of the people I started this game for.

I have room for one more game on my plate currently, and I have recently come into possession of some NWOD books. They look interesting but I havent had a reason to really try and learn the system yet.

What I am basically asking is would you be alright with a Newb to the game applied? Not a clue who with just yet, but I just wanted to be sure you wouldn't mind someone brand new to the game before I did anything.

A new player is absolutely welcome to apply to the game. If you have any questions about the characters just let me know. Do you have the mage core book?


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