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Fox News Banned From Canada for Lying

Originally Posted by Greycloak View Post
Yes, at the time, the committee blocked the regulation change because the government was in a minority situation. Now, we are in a majority so if the PM wanted to change the law, it would be changed.
He wouldn't dare because the political fallout of such a move would be immense, just as the constituent opposition to his proposed appeal was. The CRTC ultimately blocked the proposal upon consulting with the public after being subject to massive outrage from Canadians, which in turn caused the Parliamentary committee that had brought it up to back down. This was indeed the will of the people.

The article you quote is out of date and is invalidated by two very important points:
1) US Fox News is broadcast in Canada and has been since the early 2000's (6 or 7 years before that article was published)
No one argued that a blanket ban on Fox News was in effect. The notion is more accurately an effective ban on Fox's style of 'journalism' in domestic/local broadcasts here due to our laws that forbid deliberate falsehood and misrepresentation in the news, and their egregious and proven history of disseminating exactly that.

2) SunTV is also being broadcast in Canada currently and it is the hypothetical station that was being discussed at the time that article came out. Subsequent to that article, it passed the regulations as is and it's currently on the air. There are active disputes between individual hosts on that channel and the CRTC to do with on-air conduct that will, I believe, ultimately lead to a court challenge that will strike down the regulation in question, if the majority government doesn't get to them first.
First off, SunTV while certainly noxious and objectionable isn't even in the same league as Fox, and I suspect this has a lot to do with our regulations that criminalize and limit falsehood.

Second, if you're referring to the faked Citizenship oath broadcast, I sincerely doubt that any court challenge to arise from that debacle will ultimately result in the rescinding of sections that forbid misrepresentation.

While I'm not here to argue about Canadian politics or annoying news broadcasts, I have to say that the very idea of trying to ban news stations that spew out lies and propaganda is something worthwhile. While as an American and someone who believes in basic human rights, I do agree that people should have the freedom of speech/expression. However the news is a service above anything else and should be treated as such.

When people want to know about what is happening in the world or what's going on in certain events and such, then we have the right to actually know the truth. The mass media never the less has power. As stated above, they see themselves as the so called "Kingmaker" which is very true. People listen to the news daily, form opinions based on it and form favoritism when the mass media showcase people.

While people you meet on the street or even your friends and family might tell lies to you, they usually aren't obligated to tell you the truth down to the very most minute detail, and whether you believe it or not is up to you, however when lies go onto a national, or even multinational scale, then more people are going to hear it and more people will believe in the lie. And yes I understand what Librarium said before;
Originally Posted by Librarium View Post
The truth doesn't get viewers. The truth is boring.
While the the truth is boring, nothing good comes from lies. Food companies and restaurants must always make sure they don't serve poisonous products or else they face legal issues (please don't bring up fast food I'm just trying to make a point for the moment), so why can't mass media be put under check to prevent the spread of misinformation? While it there's no law (that I'm aware of anyway) that says people can't what they want, nor one that says people can't believe what they want, those who provide information should be liable to get in trouble if they feed people poison, just like with food companies and restaurants.

Of course it is impossible to enforce this on everything, especially the internet or some small companies no one cares about, but big name news broadcasts should be able to be kept in check. Shouldn't it? Or is it okay for people to lie and spread propaganda for their own benefit?

Originally Posted by Kerim View Post
Well, I do agree with that law. Now if there was a way to change it so that every politician has to speak the truth as well, then I'd move to canada, and I'd let Bieber live right next to me if he wanted.
The second article said that enforcing the law is not as easy as it sounds, but it didn't go into detail - instead talking about stuff happening in wisconsin.

It's my guess that canada says it's against the law, just as a way to discourage. Basically, 'if you get caught'. That's been done many times before.

Good in spirit though.

Also, the whole thing about Harper wanting to repeal the law is strange - mainly because when I clicked that link in the first article, it lead firefox to tell me that it'd contain malicious content (connection warning). :/

Which, if anything else, kinda tells me that the site is on a shoestring budget and published by people that don't give a frack, or... y'know. They just hate browsers that otherwise listen to them. Because that makes sense too.


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