Griffon Rider Needed!

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Griffon Rider Needed!

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Dungeons & Dragons 3.5e
Ad Closes: Aug 4 '12
Estimated Members Requested: 1

So how would you like to create a character specifically meant to ride a Griffon? Prestidigationer will be playing a Griffon in an upcoming game, and will be a mount for one of the characters in the game, but as of yet, that position is open. The campaign itself will start off focused around the defense of a bustling city at the heart of a kingdom, but could roam to just about anywhere (and a trip to other planes is a definite). Likely candidates for riding the Griffon are Archers or Mages.
The final selection will be done by both myself and Prestidigationer. Character Creation rules are as follows.

6th Level
maximum +1 ECL acceptable
stats generated using 4d6, droping the lowest, rerolling ones (4d6v1r1) or 32 point buy if you do not like your rolls
Health is max at first level, half or roll at every level after (you may choose either for each level).

Character Bios should cover your backstory and any recent events that brought you to the city. You will not be riding the griffon at the immediate start of the campaign, so your future as a griffon rider should NOT be reflected whatsoever in your back story. Keep in mind that right now Prestidigationer's Griffon is the only one present in the game.

All alignments are acceptable however PvP will not be allowed under normal circumstances, and I am not against using the authorities to kill lawbreaking players. Keep that in mind.

I will read all of the applications submitted by the end of the day on August 4th. Expect to hear back if you are accepted by August 7th.

Game Description:

I have picked up this game :) there is gonna be a Griffon and all sorts of crazy stuff. Hop in.

Berithian Antioch. The Ember Master and Storm Lord Slayer.

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can we have a lil info on the setting, and the type of behavior our future griffin may have attitude wise? Does she want the future ability to speak ? Cast some of our spells? Be an animal familer?

Well I don't see how this could go wrong I'm in.

Hm...either druid or ranger into skylord

There are many things in book of exalted deeds that are overpowered. Didn't know skylord was one of them.

Although I'll probably just go with druid for simplicity sake.


Silver you're welcome to make a statless bio if you're pressed for time right now. You could then be a second in case the primary drops, etc etc. That way you might still have a chance if you find later you actually do have time

Setting is gonna be homebrew. Not much more to say. pretty much gonna make it up as I move along.
I'll have Prestid post about the Griffins personality here in a moment :3
The ability to speak is a toss up. taht'll be my decision basically. He is a fighter, so he has no spells, and he is not allowed to be treated as a familiar or a companion, as those perks combined with the fact that he is a PC would be slightly OP. not to mention it would cause plenty of confusion. hope that helps.

This seems pretty cool.

Thinking of making an arcane caster of some sort.

Maybe I just can't find this info, but what sources are you allowing? Any published 3.5 WotC books?

Don't suppose Homebrew or DMG might be permitted? Arcane Archer might be fun. But even without that, I'm very interested, as this sounds like an incredibly fun concept. I'll begin working on the back story.

I think I probably won't actually have time for this. I've already applied for a bunch of games, and am waiting on confirmation for those.


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