Needing that one special skillmonkey

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Needing that one special skillmonkey AND AN ARCANIST!

Barrow of the Forgotten King - Forum
Dungeons & Dragons 3.5e
Ad Closes: Aug 5 '12
Estimated Members Requested: 1

The group lacks an arcanist as well and could probably need one.
Since the same PHB restrictions are in effect that means a wizard/sorcerer/bard.
PHB races only. No sub-races.
Apply in the same thread as linked to below in this post.
If you want, you can submit both a rogue and an arcanist.

I recently took over an abandoned game using the module "Barrow of the Forgotten King".
But before that the group lost one player which I now hope to replace.

The orphaned character is a halfling rogue and though it would be preferable someone just took control of him again, I am open to different characters being submitted. Although still a skillful one.

The group consists of a
paladin, a
monk and a

In the original ad, players were restricted to PHB material and since I want you all to be on the same terms, I will hold you to this in your character creation. Gear can be purchased from the DMG as well.
From next level on, all will be able to draw material from a much wider collection of books.

Stats: 6m4d6v1 to be rolled HERE.
If your total bonuses sum up to +4 or less, you may have a re-roll.
Gold: 900 gp starting wealth, Full HP + CON mod for both levels (Roll or half whichever is better after that).
I want to see sheets, but you can hold off buying equipment and distributing skillpoints until you are accepted.

I want rolls as well as the applications submitted in the game forum. Only one post per applicant.
Questions go here.

Game Description:

The shovel clanged against the rock, and its wielder snarled in frustration. He shook his brown, furry hands and squinted up into the rain.

"Dig!" a clear voice came from above. "Dig, damn you, or I'll have you flayed alive!"

Deep in the pit, the varag warrior couldn't see the speaker, but he knew the smooth-skinned, silk-clothed fool all too well.
Clang! Another stone. After throwing down his shovel, the varag took a pull from his wineskin. Time for a break, he thought.
A green orb shot out of the darkness above, knocking the wineskin out of the varag's grasp. Snarling in pain and rage, the warrior held his burned hand and watched the wineskin disintigrate in a green pool. Looking up, he saw the smooth-skinned spellcaster, and he grabbed his shovel and gripped it as if it were an axe.

And then he saw the eyes. Those eyes ...

The varagturned back to the mud and the rock. He began to dig again.

Barrow of the Forgotten Kings is a Dungeons & Dragons adventure designed for four to six 2nd-level characters. Player characters who complete this quest should advance to 4th or 5th level, depending on how successful they are in defeating the evil creatures awaiting them.

Normal posting rate. Every evening and short updates during work hours. Potentially more on Weekends.

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not everyone will use every last coin they have. What if they come across somebody they need to bribe? Someone who sells +5 magic items for 200 gp each (or something more likely).

If you were an actual adventurer, what would you do: Spend everything on a lot of stuff that you can't carry, or keep some gold, just in case?

I'd spend things on things that have a chance to keep me alive, flat out. It's only logical: use resources on things that keep you alive. Invest in your survivability and versatility.

Certainly, but he has already got a load of 46.5, plus he has everything you'd need to survive (alright, except maybe rations, but he's in town, he could buy those)

Tell me, what would you buy if you would get more kit?

Maybe a Belt of Healing.
Or, if there is a character capable of using it (IE a Cleric), Wand of Lesser Vigor (which should possibly the first magic item any adventuring party buys).
Or maybe a Wand of Cure Light Wounds (for the Cleric or Paladin), for the same.
Some better alchemy stuff and poison stuff, like a jug of Shapesand, some Daylight Pellets, Torch Bug Paste, Sleep Smoke, Stun Gas, Tanglefoot Bags, Roach Paste, Acidic Fire, Dust Eggshell Grenades, Poison Smoke Grenades, etc.
A Prodd (it's a type of crossbow to fling alchemical items and slingstones), with some of the aforementioned alchemical devices and poisons in a correct form for the Prodd to launch into enemies.
Some healing items, like a few Blessed Bandages, and a single potion of Faith Healing tuned to the god the character worships (presumably changed to Oldimarra, to fit his job), for emergency healing.
A good cheap eternal light source, like a Liquid Sunlight marble held in some rope or a sling or whatever.
Maybe some attack dogs, or custom trained attack mules (also good at carrying stuff).
Not spend so much money in a masterwork chain shirt; just get a good but relatively cheap armor, like Chitin (the light version, not the medium versions) or Sharkskin leather or whatever.
Some utility stuff, like the various climbing shoes, a climbing harness, Masterwork shoes of Tumble and Move Silently, Sundark Goggles, Earplugs, Metal Marbles, Caltrops, Flour Pouches for finding invisible creatures, a Filter Mask, etc.
A Compositve Shortbow, with a few custom arrows, perhaps, rather than a Light Crossbow (faster reload).
Masterwork Clothes of Camouflage (Dungeon/Indoors/Underground; ie, a masterwork tool of hide in those environments).
Use a better melee weapon, like a Cold Iron Longspear with a Cold Iron Gauntlet for close in, and maybe a Cold Iron Morningstar.

How would your character ever have gained those items? And less roleplaying speaking: They are all way more than the 362 gp he has left, even the 900 you get in the beginning. How would you afford those?
And he can't even use a friggen Longspear or Morningstar! Nor does he worship any god!

Eh? Rogues are proficient with simple weapons; thus, Longspear, Morningstar, and Gauntlet.

And he would have gained those items by '900 gp worth of adventuring equipment'... ie, he is getting equipment appropriate to do his job of adventuring and going into dank plances with traps, and killing things. Maybe he custom ordered some stuff from an alchemist; 900 gp is enough money to do so.

But the factotum isn't in the PHB. and "No significant changes in the character?"

And still: where would he get the money from?

...900 gp, from previous adventuring, and the sorts of things it takes to be a level 2 character? You don't get XP from nothing, after all. The sorts of things adventurers do to get XP tend to be things that give them wealth. That's kind of the point.

And I would be okay with just 'Rogue', I suppose. Psychic Rogue is online, at least.

And changing a Rogue to a Factotum or Psychic Rogue isn't a significant change to the character; they are essentially variants of the same class, with (potentially) the exact same flavor! In this case, they would have the exact same flavor! Skill monkey, who disarms traps and does the utility skills appropriate to dungeons.

900 gp is INCLUDED with the things it takes to be a second level character.

And just rogue would be fine. But I never saw the words Psychic and Rogue in the PHB near each other. They had some kind of restraining order going.

And I am asking for a dispensation to go beyond the PHB for utility items and classes. That's kind of the point. There are a lot of nifty, cheap, 'bag of tricks' utility items that are totally appropriate to a Rogue doing their job, which are really thematic, and there are two classes which are Rogue 2.0, which I am also asking about. I'm hoping the DM can maybe broaden their mind a little bit.


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