Needing that one special skillmonkey

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Needing that one special skillmonkey AND AN ARCANIST!

Barrow of the Forgotten King - Forum
Dungeons & Dragons 3.5e
Ad Closes: Aug 5 '12
Estimated Members Requested: 1

The group lacks an arcanist as well and could probably need one.
Since the same PHB restrictions are in effect that means a wizard/sorcerer/bard.
PHB races only. No sub-races.
Apply in the same thread as linked to below in this post.
If you want, you can submit both a rogue and an arcanist.

I recently took over an abandoned game using the module "Barrow of the Forgotten King".
But before that the group lost one player which I now hope to replace.

The orphaned character is a halfling rogue and though it would be preferable someone just took control of him again, I am open to different characters being submitted. Although still a skillful one.

The group consists of a
paladin, a
monk and a

In the original ad, players were restricted to PHB material and since I want you all to be on the same terms, I will hold you to this in your character creation. Gear can be purchased from the DMG as well.
From next level on, all will be able to draw material from a much wider collection of books.

Stats: 6m4d6v1 to be rolled HERE.
If your total bonuses sum up to +4 or less, you may have a re-roll.
Gold: 900 gp starting wealth, Full HP + CON mod for both levels (Roll or half whichever is better after that).
I want to see sheets, but you can hold off buying equipment and distributing skillpoints until you are accepted.

I want rolls as well as the applications submitted in the game forum. Only one post per applicant.
Questions go here.

Game Description:

The shovel clanged against the rock, and its wielder snarled in frustration. He shook his brown, furry hands and squinted up into the rain.

"Dig!" a clear voice came from above. "Dig, damn you, or I'll have you flayed alive!"

Deep in the pit, the varag warrior couldn't see the speaker, but he knew the smooth-skinned, silk-clothed fool all too well.
Clang! Another stone. After throwing down his shovel, the varag took a pull from his wineskin. Time for a break, he thought.
A green orb shot out of the darkness above, knocking the wineskin out of the varag's grasp. Snarling in pain and rage, the warrior held his burned hand and watched the wineskin disintigrate in a green pool. Looking up, he saw the smooth-skinned spellcaster, and he grabbed his shovel and gripped it as if it were an axe.

And then he saw the eyes. Those eyes ...

The varagturned back to the mud and the rock. He began to dig again.

Barrow of the Forgotten Kings is a Dungeons & Dragons adventure designed for four to six 2nd-level characters. Player characters who complete this quest should advance to 4th or 5th level, depending on how successful they are in defeating the evil creatures awaiting them.

Normal posting rate. Every evening and short updates during work hours. Potentially more on Weekends.

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It isn't because he doesn't want to broaden his mind, but because the original DM of it chose to only stick with the PHB, and he doesn't want to make the new characters overpowered.

And how would your character have gained those psychic abilities, might I ask?

Natural Talent. He might not even know he has them; most of the Psychic Rogue stuff is very subtle. Also, regarding the load thing, that's the point of having a few mules or dogs with you, to carry stuff and be tank types.

And if he didn't want to make a character overpowered, he shouldn't have allowed a Cleric in the same party with a Rogue, a Monk, and a Paladin.

If you want to make a balanced party with PHB and DMG characters, that is something like:

Expert, Monk, Fighter, Paladin, Adept, Rogue, Barbarian, Ranger. For a low power game.

Cleric, Druid, Wizard, Sorcerer. For a high power game.

Bard could conceivably go in either. It would be a bit powerful for the lower power, a bit weak for the high power.


I am not talking with you about this anymore. Talk to it with the DM.

If you want to play that character: Stick to the character.

You are creating an entirely new one.

I want to reimagine/reboot this character, is the thing. A slightly better equipped Strongheart Halfling Psychic Rogue or Factotum. The characters shouldn't notice any major difference in the character (he would do all the same things, and act the same and 'feel' the same, and have the same role), the players should notice a slight improvement in competency and versatility. This should still be underneath the power of a Core Cleric.

Originally Posted by Gavinfoxx View Post
Can I play that rogue, but redo his abiilty scores in a 28, 30, or 32 point buy, and change his class to psychic rogue or factotum, and hopefully start with a bit more kit, being a level 2 character, and maybe change the subspecies of halfling to a different one?
I will stay firm on the PHB bit for the reason i have listed in the OP. So, no to any rogue variant.
The others have rolled for their stats and, unless you want to keep the original char's, so must you.
900 gp of kit as WBL.

@Kerim and Gavin: Let's just all be friends, shall we?

Okay, I'll roll... but you aren't interested in ANY of that other stuff? None of the equipment that can be done with options outside the PHB and MM and DMG, or anything?

Can I use a Monster Manual Race? One that is LA+0 I mean, like Forest Gnome?

What sources for feats or retraining or multiclassing or alternative class features or items and such will be available come level 3 onward?

As I have said, the reason for ONLY ALLOWING PHB, is to keep the new player on the same terms as the existing ones.
All other WotC books (not dragon magazine) are preliminarily allowed from level 3 on. Retraining will be on a case-by-case, but nothing that will change the character entirely, nor its race.
PHB races only. As stated.

I've edited your closing date.

I'll also throw my hat into the fold and see what is available. I can take over his character, although I'd like to see if I can reroll his stats, and maybe change a feat or two, and change some items.

So, if I wish to take over his character, what do I apply with? Perhaps I can just link you some writing examples, or something else?

Hi guys,

I'm a player in the game and looks like I rolled in (pun intended) too late for the argument.

Just would like to say that our characters are all vanilla PHB in the existing game, and if you've read the writing so far, I believe I speak on behalf of us all that we're far less concerned with roll-playing than roleplaying, and this IS a module game.

What's the point of making a really awesome planned character if we decide to stop at the end of the module, when characters are at CL5?

@all: Itzchy has a point. Though I wouldn't mind continuing the game after the module is done, it will nominally take the characters to level 5. So don't create a build that will be really fun to play with once you reach 18th level.
But Itzchy is also a bit wrong. Yes, there has mostly been RP and less combat up until this point, but we are now entering a phase with more rolling, so it will matter.

@mishra: Thanks for correcting the closing date. As for applications I have made a link at the bottom of the ad where I want them. In addition to name, class, race I want background, description and personality.
If you want to take the character, you may re-roll the stats, change feats and gear.


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