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Scales of War

Scales of War - Forum
Dungeons & Dragons 4e
Estimated Members Requested: 1

Established e-mail based game, moving to forums and seeking more players!

Game Description:

A previously Play by E-Mail group, that has seen better days as far as group membership is concerned. Characters are just starting on the Scales of War adventure path, and we're looking for approximately 2 more players to round out the group again.

Characters will join at 2nd level, utilizing pretty much any rules allowable in the official character creator program from wizards. We will be using to keep track of much of our used abilities, current status, surges, etc.

Current premise is a rescue mission for a number of kidnapped townsfolk, as the party also tries to delve into the secrets of a sudden, unexpected resurgence of a splinter-group of the "Red Hand of Doom" that was stopped just a decade previous. The ragtag group of adventurers are far from hardened and have known each other only a brief period of time, but are proving their abilities to work together well as a team in the pursuit of both justice, and profit.

Current PC's include a Warforged Artificer and a Tiefling Battlemind.

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Very interested (at work, so sorry for short replies). What does the group need class/role wise? An what classes/races are already in use?

Per the post, current PC's are Tiefling Battlemind (defender) and a Warforged Artificer (leader).

I do not force parties into specific roles, as it can be more interesting and enjoyable to be lacking in some department or another, or to have an over-abundance. We currently have a Striker and Controller NPC, though I don't intend to keep both of those, as I prefer a tighter-knit group of around 4-5 Characters.

Sounds like fun.

I assume we're following the standard rules for magic items: free level 3, level 2, and level 1 items + 360 gp, right?

I'd like to submit my viking-inspired Barbarian PC, Hrothgar, for your consideration. I also have a Slayer version of the character created, but I'm not sure which one I'd like to play yet.

Appearance: Hrothgar is a giant of a man, even by the standards of the Northmen. His rugged 6'6" frame has born the brunt of 26 winters and towers over all around him. His pale skin and piercing glacier-blue eyes are typical of his kin, but his mane of raven-black hair hints at his dwarven ancestry. Clad in patchwork hide armour and a grizzly fur cloak, Hrothgar charges into battle swinging his massive spiked axe.

Personality: Hrothgar is a proud man--a little too proud perhaps. His typical reply to an insult is a fist to the face, and he never backs down from a fight, even when outnumbered. His brash and aggressive demeanor often lands him in trouble, and he has the scars to show for it. Hrothgar is driven by a thirst for glory and adventure. He knows no fear, and charges into battle with reckless abandon. The more overwhelming the odds, the more sweet the victory!

Background: Hrothgar's great "grandfather", Jarl Gunnar, was once the chieftain of the Great Bear tribe in the far North. As the story goes, he also had a reckless streak, and bet a night with his wife on a wrestling match with a dwarf. Not surprisingly, Gunnar was trounced by his sure-footed opponent. Being an honourable man, he grudgingly upheld his end of the bargain, and the result was a bastard son.

While Gunnar pretended the boy was his in order to save face, everyone could tell he was a dwarf-blooded bastard. Gunnar's only true son Sigurd inherited title of Jarl despite being younger, while the bastard, Baldr, was treated to ridicule by the other tribesfolk and shunned by his adoptive father.

Baldr in turn fathered Hrothgar, who still bears the brunt of jokes about his heritage. However, those who insult him eventually learned to do so behind his back, for fear of receiving a beating at the hands of the towering man.

Hrothgar feels that his father Baldr should have been chief, and he in turn, and thus harbours great resentment towards the current Jarl, Sigurd.

To add insult to injury, several winters ago Baldr met an untimely end while hunting bears in the company of Jarl Sigurd. Hrothgar refused to believe it was an accident, and challenged Sigurd to a fight to the death. Despite an advantage in strength, Hrothgar was beaten by his much more experienced opponent. The chief spared his life out of pity, but banished him from the tribe.

Hrothgar left the unforgiving Northlands and travelled South to the Nentir Vale in search of glory and gold. It was there that he met a Warforged and a Tiefling, and began his adventures. However, he plans to return one day and claim the title of Jarl from Sigurd's cold, dead hands...

I'm definitely interested.....I'll have to submit an app tomorrow when I'm by a computer~

Including [Recruitment], [Looking for Players] et al. in game ads is kind of redundant; an ad's sole purpose is recruiting players, after all

Title changed.

Very cool, I've been dying to try the Scales of War campaign!

I have a Revenant (Tiefling) Monk character, built around a fire theme that I would love to play. Kind of a "Ghost Rider" story concept; with his dying words he begged the Raven Queen for the power to avenge his family, etc. I'll get a complete build and back story up for you right away! Application below!


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