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Favorite Magic Equipment?

Favorite Magic Equipment?

First off I wish to clarify that this isn't about what equipment is most powerful or anything, but about what equipment you like whether it be from the backstory that comes with it, a unique ability, something hilarious you did with it ect. In particular I'm curious about items with nonstandard abilities, the equipment doesn't have to be mechanically good either (I'm looking at you Legacy weapons) and can include homebrew as well. I'm starting this in part because given how many splatbooks there are sometimes its difficult to find a special item and looking through some Forgotten Realms books there's tons of stuff that would fit into this catagory. Examples would include Gauntlets of the Valorous or One Thousand Broken Dreams from Magic of Faerun, Bow of the Wintermoon, ect.

Feather Token: Tree - The item of 1000 uses.
For a limited time get a second token absolutely free. Operators are standing by.

I had a player in a campaign years and years ago, who made the inevitable Drizz't knockoff after reading the series. Every time we would find loot, he would complain about how there were never any magical scimitars, because, you know, magical scimitars are just laying around in a European-type setting. Finally, I had enough of it, and, I placed a magical scimitar in a barrel on board a ship. A good friend of mine warned our wanna-be Drizz't that it was just too convenient, but he wouldn't listen.

He got his magical scimitar alright, it was a Magical Scimitar +1, with the added twist of "of sex change" tacked on the end.

Not something I have used or seen, but in a campaign I was observing I noticed three things:
1) it was a supposedly low magic world where the players were routinely being attacked by undead.
2) everyone had a bag of holding
3) whenever they took a bag of holding underwater, they had to empty the sea water out of it.

So what i wanted to do was get them to take a bag of holding, empty it of other things, and fill it with holy water, then attach a nozzle. Next undead attack they could have an emergency holy water suppression system.

I second the instant tree. It's instantly hilarious

Rod of Ropes: It's a grapple gun; how can that not be cool?

Decanter of Endless Water: If you know physics, you know this item has endless power.

Originally Posted by Penchant View Post
Decanter of Endless Water: If you know physics, you know this item has endless power.
Please, think of the catgirls before you try to pull that sort of thing.

Quall's feather token Tree! It's a wall, it's a door, it's a mass transit system, it's an elevator; for the low low price of 400 gold!
Seriously, this item is nasty I've personally used to break open a walled city to end a siege, stop rampaging somethings in a dungeon from getting to me, which also allowed the party druid egress to resupply us, and it wins naval engagements almost as well as its brother anchor!

Githyanki silver sword. Yeah, its mechanics are majorly gimped compared to previous editions, but it's still a major status symbol. So many good associations with these weapons over the years.

Eversmoking bottle. It's just so cool for: obscuring vision, delaying pursuit, smoke signals, clearing houses (FIRE!), and as the most amazing base for so many illusionist tricks. Seeding a path with caltrops and/or oil then opening an eversmoking bottle as you make your getaway is worth it.

One upping the endless water, we once had a Decanter of Endless Beer. Surprisingly useful in diplomacy checks.

Also: Cloak of the Bat. Belonged to my halfling rogue. We decided to play a non-canon battle royale style game with everyone passing notes to the DM. On a forested island. The other players spent all night panicking at every bat while my rogue got a good night's sleep.


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