The Waning of the Five Kingdoms (Large-scale combat campaign)

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The Waning of the Five Kingdoms (Large-scale combat campaign)

Canticum Praesaga - Forum
Dungeons & Dragons 3.5e - Eberron
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Estimated Members Requested: 4

Canticum Praesaga is a heroic, gritty Eberron campaign focusing on full-scale fantasy warfare and a Sworn Fraternity of warriors called "The Abolishers," a grab-bag of the deadliest rogues, noblest knights and most powerful mages from all walks of Eberron united to oppose the Riedran Colonian Army. Power level is medium-high, meaning that a reasonable amount of optimization (barring things that are abusive) will serve you well.

The campaign will draw heavily on Heroes of Battle for things like siege engines and other associated combat goodies, so I highly recommend you check it out of you have access. I will be using the victory point system to determine the outcome of the battles you'll fight.

Character generation rules, bonuses and a prologue free to anyone that starts an application can all be found in the forum. I'm tentatively going to pick four people, but I might decide on more than that.

You're free to ask any questions you have here, or in the OOC thread located in the forum. Thanks for reading!

Game Description:

Canticum Praesaga is an Eberron campaign set in the years following the Last War. While a war-weary Khorvaire licks its wounds, a surprise incursion from the east threatens to capture the continent in its quest for total dominion over the world. Little could be done to prevent the overwhelming and alien might of the colonial army from conquering the outlying nations of Khorvaire. In a desperate bid for the continent's sovereignty a fraternity of renowned warriors forms under the banner of Tiraaka Kaliuuga, a Riedran-born-Kalashtar-trained psychic soldier. He dubs these heroes "The Abolishers"

The focus will primarily be on large scale warfare. Players will have a hand in deciding the allocation of Thronehold Alliance resources, the planning of campaigns and defenses against the Riedran Imperial Army and will, of course, have the chance to personally meet blades with The Inspired.

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Very awesome. Just wondering if any books are particularly not allowed? Example can we use Tome of Battle? Trying to decide what kinda character I wanna play...too many good choices.

Originally Posted by Sturmm View Post
Very awesome. Just wondering if any books are particularly not allowed? Example can we use Tome of Battle? Trying to decide what kinda character I wanna play...too many good choices.
Just about anything is fine with me. The only sources I really don't want included are the BoED and the BoVD. I think there's a more complete list in the character generation thread. Tome of Battle is actually one of my favorites.

So, when you say the PCs will be in charge of the various aspects in a large scale military campaign, would they themselves see any action? Fighting, dungeon crawling, etc., or would they be in some ways armchair generals?

It would be customary to cede tactical control of any given battle to the Thronehold Alliance commander. While they could lead a unit or two into combat, they're gonna be in the thick of it for the most part. Dungeons and the like will also be included to break up the larger encounters.

In downtime between battles, I just kinda assumed that the Thronehold Thinktank would discuss tactical plans with the Abolishers, and in so doing giving the PCs influence on exactly what troops are held in reserve at the beginning of a battle, or what units are hurried in to support a particular city. When the fighting starts, however, they better be there.


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