oWoD Endless Storm (re)recruitment

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oWoD Endless Storm (re)recruitment

Endless Storm - Forum
World of Darkness
Estimated Members Requested: 2

Having suffered some of the expected attrition, I am down to 4 players. Which is ok. But not quite enough. So I'm opening the doors for two or so more players.

I am accepting most supernatural types. Exceptions being, for various reasons, the following:

Mages: We've already got two. Quite enough thanks.

Mummies: *directly* contradict the game as I want it to go.

Hunter: they just don't play well with others.

Any and all POSSIBLE "lone wolf' characters, species, and concepts. This is a group game. I made the mistake in my first recruit through to accept too many characters without any particular connection to the location and overall setting. It's caused some difficulties in the game. You can certainly have your own hidden agendas (in fact, please do)... but be the kind that works well with others...

And if I may request something: we need "leadership" characters in this game. Characters with purposes. Characters with connections. Characters that are trying to achieve more in the setting than mere survival. It can be specific and direct, like revenge or becoming ruler of your own little paranormal kingdom. Or it can be nebulous and far reaching, like the eradication of some particular sect of enemies.

The characters most likely to be accepted are Demons, Changelings, and Vampires (in that order). They're the real social beasts of the paranormal world. Although werewolves have a decent presence in the area and could function as well.

Game Description:

The world has been battered. Storms rage across both spirit worlds. As the red star looms in the sky like an eye watching in the darkness, monsters of legend took flight once again. Humans and vampires and stranger things still rioted in the streets. Maquerade and Litany alike were violated completely. This was it. The final days.

Sounds pretty badass, don't it? Well, I gotta tell ya, it sucked.

The end of the world. Apocalypse. Armageddon. Gehenna. End of All Things? Well, if it's coming, it's certainly taking the scenic route. We just call it the Cataclysm now. Scary as balls. But we're still here. Well, most of us are. Yeah, those first couple years after the event were terrifying. Brutal. But, y'know what, lookin' back on it... I kinda like the changes. Things are so much quieter. Y'see... now... everyone knows better. Yeah, we got our asses handed to us. Yeah, doesn't matter if yer vamp or wolf or whatever, everyone's hurtin'.

But that's just it. Hurtin' like this? Is the good kind. Like lancing an infected wound. It's gross and hurts like hell. But it's better in the long run.

I know, I know. That damn christmas light sittin' up there... ya see it just like everyone else. Scared ya, did it? Don't feel ashamed. Scared ev'rone. Third brightest light in the sky, next to the sun 'n moon. Wanna know a real creepy secret? It's everywhere at once. Don't matter where you're standing or when. Call up a buddy in Amsterdam an' another in Australia and another at the north pole. Hell, have someone take a boat out to the dead center of the ocean. Don't matter. All of ya can see that star all the time.

During the day? Yup. Clear as a bell. Or, at least, 'dats what I'm told.

There's a slang for newbies like you. The ones who aren't old enough to remember the time before. We old folks... which is funny, we use to think old was the ones who remembered the Roman Empire. Now, those of us who were around to see the colonization of the new world are. Go fig. Anyway, we call you 'Starbloods'.

All da other freaks out there have names as well. 'Cept the demons, suppose they don't have a reason to, since they all came after the star.

Yeah. Demons. They're real. Why would you think anything else? Now shut up and pay attention.

Anyway. You guys have it easy. All of us, we had a system. Not a good system. But it was ours. Completely screwed over the newbies, hard. Now. That system's gone. It's like the wild west out there. But with better guns and more comfortable shoes. No laws. No responsibilities.

It is glorious. Have fun, kids.

~ Raolf de Foish- Anarch, and eldest remaining Malkavian.

Everything Has a Price

An ongoing series of novels (five and counting) by yours truly!
You want Demons with far-reaching goals who can maintain a network of thralls and favours? I can do that. Will check the forum next for application stuff and character creation, but anything in particular you need or want?

Not especially. Just make sure and keep an eye on the changes I made to the cosmology and social setting. It shouldn't cripple any (more or less beginner level character) backgrounds much. But it'll influence all of them.

If I plan to use one of the templates in the kithbook for changeling the dreaming, can I just focus on the fluff and write down the sheet later in game? If I get approved of course.

Templates? I don't have the kithbooks, but if it matches more or less mechanically, we're all good.

And yes- fluff is what matters now. WoD is great for stuffing mechanics into the trunk and leaving fluff at the wheel for 90% of the game.

I believe so, that's the idea of the kithbook ready to go characters, I'll double check the maths of course but for now, focusing on the character. I was just making sure because I have seen many applications with sheets.

Just copy/paste the character sheet and leave it blank then focus on the story/etc. That'll do just fine.

ANYONE is entitled to reworking mechanics. I've let some players do some tweaking even after gameplay has begun. Not much mind you. But, well, I can't imagine anyone who cares strongly about following the gamebook rules... being able to handle any World of Darkness game. Especially the old system. The mechanics of this game are what I like to call a "beautiful disaster".

And for everyone who's PMing me questions and the like about this game. Could you please post them either in this thread or in the game forum? That way I don't have to keep answering the same ones.

I'm interested. However, I'd like to see a quick, one or two sentence write up of the current characters if that's possible. Since it's a group game, I'd like to get a better idea of the group. That way, I'll avoid making a character that would whose goals and aspirations are contrary to the team effort.

I never thought I'd ask this but I ended up with a concept stuck in my head strangely.

How do you feel about Kuei-jin? I know an hour west of Chicago wouldn't be the first place to expect one and I'd accept a straight 'no way' but I don't think I'll be able to put the concept down to try another without asking.


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