[MUSTER CLOSED] 4-02 - In Wrath's Shadow (Formerly Pallid Plague)

I have a Life Oracle that is going to be level 2 pending the end of his current adventure, as well as a summoner who is already level 2 (though I have to upload her current chronicle sheets and check her information over on Paizo to make sure it is up to date). I was wondering if either of these characters would be acceptable characters to run in this adventure as you list it as being open to characters of levels 2 to 5.

This post is just here to express interest for one of these two characters.

Either sounds totally acceptable to me. I'm counting on several Level 2 guys to flesh out the party as I don't think we have many L4+ guys kicking around.

my only problem with the summoner is at the moment I have a chronicle sheet for the Archerfeast Boon, that apparently the people that gave it too me neglected to assign to the character in time. So I am unsure if they can actually assign it to my character anymore. And if not then I essentially have a missing chronicle sheet when it comes to that character, but all of the ones that can assign the character experience points are reported properly. The only problem is that I placed Archerfest as my number 4 Chronicle Sheet and my most recent Experience Point Chronicle Sheet (which I got the same day) was my number 5 Chronicle Sheet.

And assuming that I want to continue with the adventure-line that Shadowhunter was running, then the Life Oracle may be pinned down in that adventure for a while. So I may be forced into using my Summoner instead. Which is why I need to ask you if you have a problem with any of the above information I just outlined?

I'm sure we can sort it out. Maybe send me a link when you have the sheets all posted.

Have you tried sending Paizo an email about it?

I contacted my local group about it, hoping to hear back from them soon, but not sure how soon that will be. I guess I could also try shooting off an email to paizo. Who there would I email about that though?

I was thinking the Report A Problem With This Session guys. If you click on their link, you get:
pathfindersociety@paizo.com , with an email titled "Pathfinder Society Reporting Problem"

I'd fill in what's missing on the chronicle, send a pdf of the chronicle to that email address, say it wasn't reported (or was done incorrectly) and see what response you get.

Anyway, a summoner is fine by me as long as it conforms to the changes in the new PFS guide. We've got a rogue and a barbarian so far so more meat in the fight would be welcome, I'm sure.

Oh, there was a text block at the bottom of that email:

Event: Myth-Weavers.com Pathfinder Society Event #: 13076 Session #: 6 Date: 07/20/12 Scenario: Pathfinder Society Scenario #3-11: The Quest for Perfection—Part II: On Hostile Waters (PFRPG) PDF GM #:19873 GM Name: shadowhntr7 Character #: 43875-3 Character Name: Aestrid Tularssan Please explain your problem below:

I'd fill that stuff in too for the event in question so it's less of a hassle for the person on the other end.

@Arrow, are you planning on putting Ajax up for this one? I'll reserve you a slot if you are.


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