[MUSTER CLOSED] 4-02 - In Wrath's Shadow (Formerly Pallid Plague)

okay I just got a message back from my local guys. Apparently boons like Archerfeast aren't actually reported on the Paizo Website the way that normal Chronicles are (since they don't award anything other than the boon itself). So I am all set and good to go in that regard. That said I still have to scan the boon & the most recent Pathfinder Scenario Chronicle Sheet into this website so I can utilize the character here again. I will do that in a few minutes (after lunch) and then submit an official request to join.

And unless I missed something in the summary of the new Pathfinder Society Organized Play Guide, the character should be up to date with the requirements of the current format of PFS. So I should be good on that front. It was neither a Synthesist or Master Summoner so that isn't a problem.

Yes, I'll move things along when I see fit. I don't think hard and fast rules are necessary but if I keep coming back to a game a day after the last post and find things are waiting on a particular player habitually, I'll intercede with an increasingly heavy hand. This could include having players take double turns or go full defence or moving role play encounters off camera or splitting the timeline as needed, but I won't lock myself down with set rules at this point.

If it looks like the game settles into a pace of its own and it works out to 3 or 4 significant posts a week, I'm fine with that too but I would prefer a faster pace.

I personally check my games at least twice a day and can do combat updates at work and at home so major GM updates should be every day or so as needed.

Well, that all sounds reasonable.

I would be interested to hear from other players what they anticipate their posting rate will be, or if the want to run faster or slower than what you've posted as expectations. I know it can be frustrating for players on the wrong sides of the group posting rate, regardless of which side that is.

Originally Posted by magent_mx View Post
I can do 5-10 post per day except weekends
Will you make a female character so I can marry her? Hopefully she's got a sister for Kujo.

lol, well, dunno I strangely haven't made female chars for PFS. I have made several before, but not here, mhmhm, ideas are now popping in...

heh, I have both male and female characters in PFS. Oddly enough I feel very comfortable playing my female summoner in local games and any of my male characters in local games (might have something to do with the fact that my summoner's eidolon is male), but I am not all that comfortable playing the other female characters in local games. However I usually prefer the female characters in general online, with the exception of Coagdan who I have just gotten into the role of.

I'm the same way I guess because my pen and paper group is a bunch of boys with farts and dick jokes and the like. I do roleplay female characters as DM though so I fail to see the difference. I'd originally thought of Aestrid for our next campaign (Skulls and Shackles) but I couldn't wait that long to play her. I'm thinking now about a creole/patois witch doctor type for that campaign now though and may well pick a female. Not sure yet...

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