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my thoughts on Dancer
1) Drop the sneak attack, it's not a rogue!

2)All the dances need to be limited to something like 1/2 class level(Minimum 1) + either Cha or Wis mod(cant deside yet) times per day, and all the dances use the same pool of avaliable number of uses of the dances in a simular way as to the Bard and its songs.

3)Change the Unarmored AC bonus to that of the monks.

4)Change the Knights Armored Defence bonus to +1 and an aditional +1 every five levels (5,19,15,20) and have it be a morale bonus rather than untyped.

4)Change the Warriors Vicious Bloodlust to +1 and an aditional +1 every 3 levels (6,9,12,15,18) and have it be a morale bonus rather than untyped.

5)Remove Wizard's Thoughtful Guidance and maybe replace it with something that improves saving throws perhaps?

6)Immortal Carving Magic Strings shouldn't peirce Anti-Magic zones. It is a semi-magical effect after all.

7)Spell step needs to be reduced to a 6th level spell of the Sorcerer/Wizard and Bard list.

Just a few ideas from someone half-mad due to lack of sleep.

Oh, and I agree on it needing to have a 3/4 BAB progression.

Thanks Riggeem for your take on it. I'll definitely consider your changes if I plan on using it.

Ok, so I really thought about it and took into consideration all the advice that everyone has given so far on the dancer class. This is what I came up with as a revamp and an attempt to balance it. Any thoughts, possible changes, and/or thumbs up on good parts would be great. Thanks again to everyone that took a look at it.


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