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1001 things I'm not allowed to do.

So you're version of D&D is not D&D 3.5 but D&D Hentai?

I made a female ranger who wore leather, dual wielded whips. I took a couple feats from the BoEF and made her a follower of Sharess in the Forgotten Realms. Ever since then, I've been banned from anything that can get that close to disturbing.

My only problem here is you didn't larp this.

Hey! Stick with the game!
163) I am not allowed to spend over half an hour talking about a different subject.

165) I am not allowed to make towers out of my dice.
166) I am not allowed to constantly play with or juggle my dice.
167) The same applies to other people's... will you put the dice down already?!

168) I am not allowed to, while playing a fire-based evil Wizard, burn down a large forest and thus eradicate every living thing within in a torrent of fire.
169) Especially if I then turn to the DM and immediately ask how much exp I gained from killing every living creature in several square miles of forest.

I am actually usually the DM, so my players are not allowed to:

170)...complain if they are killed by their own stupidity
171)...look at anything besides game material on their laptops during a game
172)...drink more than two energy drinks per hour of gameplay
173)...kill all named NPCs because 'well he was just going to betray us eventually'

174) I am not allowed to summon creatures solely in order to drop them on other creatures.

175: I am not allowed to have Arms of the Glabrezu cast on me and then cast spell flower on myself and subsequently hold four Vampires touch spells before trying to hug the party (Lawful stupid) Paladin.. >.> <.<

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