A bit of an update in case anyone is worried about what little description I gave for the city: I have a small bit of it written up but I am waiting on aplications before I go much farther. If, for example, you want your character's cult to have a great deal of influence in the cities politics I was waiting to do a final write up until I had a bit better understanding. With a possible 40xp to spend it is entirely possible that you may want to have a small cult but have a high rank in cospiritors, so I would need to account for that.

I also think it would be a bit more fun for everyone if you had more of a hand in crafting the world than making a character sheet and letting me call all the shots on how much of the city you control. At 30xp your character has been around the block at least once and has likely had at least a small impact on the world around them.