New Investigator Needed! All qualified apply within!

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New Investigator Needed! All qualified apply within!

The Deep Waters of Dybeol - Forum
Dungeons & Dragons 3.5e
Estimated Members Requested: 1

The Deep Waters of Dybeol

"The question of the monster inflamed all minds."
~Jules Verne

Recruiting One Additional Player

Application deadline: August 22

The Need
All qualified Investigators, apply within!

The Deep Waters of Dybeol is a D&D 3.5 game of virulent intrigue, deep mystery, and of both religious and political significance to the fishing town of Dybeol. Investigators originally hired to look into strange happenings have need of your help as they face darker and darker threats, and realize how all too easily the deep waters of Dybeol could close over their heads and fill their lungs with the black waves.

This is where you come in. As the game has lost some players due to real life concerns (unfortunately personal injury, and fortunately a new job and relocation), they have need of your character's aid. The players themselves have suggested that the role they feel most immediately needs to be filled is that of, as they put it, a "meat-shield."

However, you should know right up front that this game is 90% roleplaying and writing, and only 10% combat.

I am looking for excellent writers and crafters of deep tales. I am looking for living, breathing characters, with stories of their own, scars from their past, and hope for their future much more than I am looking for creative character sheets.

I am available, as are my players, to answer any questions you may have. Your character, if you are selected, will likely not enter the game immediately because of narrative constraints, but I will get you in soon.

Pertinent Changes to Original Application Rules
Please, please, please read the original game ad. It is crucial to your application's success. Follow all the rules for application (which are located in the Character Creation/How to Apply portion of the original game ad, with the following exceptions:

Your character should be Level 4, with 7500 XP.

Max starting health for levels 1 and 2, please roll for levels 3 and 4. If you roll less than half, you may take half.

Acceptable resources are the PHB I & II, Unearthed Arcana, and anything on the

I am very firm on class, race, and resources that I allow. Please, no exceptions.

Again, if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask (unles you question begins with, "Can I be a dragonborn planewalker...)!

Character Application are still to be posted in the forum - here.

I look forward to reading them and hearing from you.

Please apply soon. Your town has need of you.

Game Description:

Sunset Lady Lost with All Hands!

...Just over a week ago, Isaac Walsh's fishing boat, the Sunset Lady set out from Dybeol Harbor to begin another journey of prosperous fishing in his favorite hunting grounds north of Squall Isle. They were expected to be out for four days, but when the fourth day came and went, and then the fifth, people began to wonder. Now, Alderman Lorlock has officially declared the Sunset Lady lost at sea with all hands. Eight men were aboard her when she was lost. We have learned that Alderman Lorlock is calling for an official investigation...

Everyone knows the waters are dangerous and boats are often lost. Was the incident a hapless sea accident? If so, why are some powerful people pushing for a deeper investigation, and why are some of those same people casting a baleful glance at the Chapel of Deep Waters? Why, too, do the people and clergy of the Chapel of Deep Waters point the finger beyond Dybeol's borders to the economic machinations of House Sand? And why, for the Maker's sake, will the people just not let go of the legend of the kraken for crying out loud? There has always been, and always will be a perfectly reasonable explanation for the tragedies at sea...

The Dark Cloud of Dybeol seems to be hanging low of late, indeed.

Posting Status: Normal.

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Definitely interested. Would you mind disclosing the classes of the remaining players?

Can we also make more than one application? Not sure how I feel about being a "meat shield". :-P haha

Seems interdasting. Will post an app.

Are you permitting any feats/classes from Stormwrack, given the water nature the campaign appears to have?

I think we have a human expert/jack of all trades, a rogue/ranger, and a summoning mage; we've lost a bard and another expert. Whit's been very accommodating of our non-standard party so far, but it will be hard for him to maintain the story we've been telling without throwing dedicated bruisers at us, and when that happens our generalist defenses aren't enough.

Just want to say I enjoy Whit's GMing very much. His games encourage player input (rewarding you for enriching the world with detail in setting and plot) without depending on it (you never feel like you have to run the game yourself to keep it from stalling.) Writing skills and characterization are what will make your participation work.

Lasseram - Absolutely - the remaing characters are a Human Paragon, a Conjurer, and a Rogue/Ranger.

I think you should restrict yourself to one application, though it does not necessarily need to be a "meath shield" type. When I originally select characters for a party, I pick the best, most well-written, well-conceived applications without trying to create a well rounded party. The "meat shield" is simply what the players felt like they needed the most, not necessarily the pool from which I would only select. I will consider all applications.

Old Captain Long Tom Baskins pipes in around the long.. pipe.. perched between his thin lips, "Dybeolians 're a tough lot.. yer expected to stand up to the weathers and currents what fates have thrown yer way. We've a powerful need of ye, the whole town does. 'Specially the widows of those men what 're lost to the deep. Othaletha's terrible beastie.. and we mean to be rid of her now and for good! Pick up yer cutlass, lads and lasses, and strap yer leathers tight. it's gonna be a fearsome ride in these waters, and we're fixin' to change things fer the better."

The weathered old coot peers at the list of applications, thoughtfully puffing away at his pipe.

*Seriously, give this some consideration. This is an excellent game, with some great RP.


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