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The Kerberos Club (Strange FATE)

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The Kerberos Club (Strange FATE)

The Kerberos Club - Forum

The Setup

It is the 19th century, and the world has become...Strange.

As Victoria’s Empire grows larger, the well-bred beasts of Science and Industry mate freely with the ill-tempered curs of Occultism and Myth, begetting uncanny marvels that demonstrate the most pernicious mongrel vigor. As Her divinity becomes indisputable, and Her government is shown how to once again properly bow to a true Monarch, the Empire teeters on the brink of chaos. Creatures of Faerie walk the streets openly and brazenly, their homelands now part of Victoria's Empire. Science plunges forward, not caring for those poor unfortunates it tramples in the name of Progress. Mystics and sorcerers ply dark bargains with forces they barely comprehend, trading their souls for power.

In the middle of this gathering storm stands The Kerberos Club; a refuge for men and women touched (some would say cursed) by Strangeness. Mystics, fallen women, gentleman adventurers, exiled godlings, occultists, those who meddle with the outward limits of Science (and their victims), artificial men, beings from other worlds — all are welcome in the Club's halls. Banded together for mutual protection against the myriad threats of the Age, they blaze their own path in troubled times. They stand somewhere at the nexus of Hero and Monster, possessing unnatural abilities which defy reason and a perspective which defies morality. The Kerberos Club casts a lurid glow that casts the period’s social landscape in sharp relief. Yet, they are the vanguard against otherworldly menaces, the Empire's best defense against the Strangeness transforming the world.

Threats to the Club and the Empire are numerous and powerful. Sometimes the Club is the only thing that stands between the Empire and total destruction. Madmen who would burn the world for their own twisted amusement. Would-be despots who seek to overthrow the Empire and Victoria herself. Beings from beyond (or inside) our own.

Be cautious, tread lightly, and always remember the Club's motto:

The GMThat'd be me, Sandster. I've been a part of MW for almost four years now as a GM and a player. Love the community here and the caliber of players. I'm a relative newcomer to FATE, especially as to how it plays in PbP (I expect quite well given its nature), but am a veteran GM that's logged quite a few games here on the Weave.

Campaign DescriptionThe setting is the entirety of the 19th century, as Strangeness slowly but exponentially begins altering the world. Characters are members of the Kerberos Club, essentially Victorian superheroes in this alternate history England, fighting the good fight against malevolent entities. I'll start things off with the introductory adventure in the book, The Adventure of the Black and White Decks, then proceed with a more collaboratively built campaign as described in the book.

Applicant InfoI have a couple players already signed up, and I'm looking for 2, possibly 3, more players capable of creating compelling, well-realized characters and writing coherently. They need to read materials, and are courteous and respectful of others.

FATE as a system requires imaginative players who like to take narrative responsibility with the GM, so I want players who are committed to the story and who are proactive in pushing the story forward, You should ideally be capable of at least 3-4 posts a week minimum to keep momentum moving.

If you don't own Kerberos Club, there is a free Quickstart with a rundown of the rules available here. It has a brief rundown of how to play FATE, a timeline of this alternate history, and several sample characters. Familiarity with the rules isn't a requirement, as I am figuring my way around it myself.

For your application, go to THIS THREAD and submit the following:
  • A character concept, along with an Archetype Aspect and a Social Class Aspect

  • Answers to these five questions, from which we will be drawing upon your other Aspects. Note that questions 3 and 4 contain opportunities to interweave your character's history with others, and so I expect that to be somewhat open-ended as the final group of applicants have not been selected.
  1. Humble Beginnings. Everyone starts somewhere. Who were you before you became who you are? How did your early years mark and shape you?
  2. Follies of Youth. Foolishness is a vice of the young and the fondest memory of the old. What did you get up to as you sought independence during your formative years, and with whom did you seek it?
  3. First Awakenings. When did you begin to realize the world was not as it seemed? When did you become aware of, and involved in, the hidden and not-so-hidden Strangeness lurking about the comfortable hearth of polite society? As stated earlier, leave this fairly open-ended to possibly include other characters — it will help establish ties between the player characters. Perhaps that other PC was the first Stranger you’d ever seen, or the two of you witnessed something Strange back when you were childhood friends.
  4. Mysterious Origins. When did you come into power of your own? When did your Touch of Strangeness manifest? How did you become a part of the weird games of the Strangers? This is another place to leave some blanks that can be filled by other PCs interacting with you.
  5. Great Failing. What is your greatest law, and how did it bring you near to ruin and disaster?

Also note that the mechanical character building stuff will be done later once the final applicants are selected.

Gaming Status: Regular posting schedule.
So terribly in. Going to be spread pretty thin but well shall we say I can't pass up a chance to learn this iteration of FATE

I just realized that I didn't put down an end time for the application process. Since this doesn't appear to be garnering much interest, I'll make it next Wednesday, the 15th.

OK, I have to give this one a try. Been wanting to get into more FATE and especially superheroic FATE. I'll have to ponder my concept over the weekend but I think I have an idea.

If you aren't getting enoughh interest there is a subreddit for PbP recruiting (although I don't think you'd ever guess that's it's purppose from the title - RolePlayingForReddit).

The mod has requested that we also note that it's coming form MW so your post would need to look like:
[The Kerberos Club- Strange FATE](Myth-Weavers)
Game Description
Link to ad thread.

I'd recommend you keep description to 5 lines (or 21 if you're gonna cram it in the title. The brackets are important - they indicate it's a recruiting ad. I'm sure you'll work out what works best.

Thanks, Plugsy.

It appears I've managed to drum up some more interest the last few days, and that should be plenty since I'm only looking to fill 2 spots anyway.


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