The Graveyard Shift

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The Graveyard Shift

The Graveyard Shift - Forum
D20 Modern
Estimated Members Requested: 5

[Game Explanation]
This is a d20 Modern game, set in the near future (roughly 2-3 years, if you wish to be specific). The protagonists are members of a covert agency of the U.S. government known only as the "Graveyard Shift". The purpose of Graveyard Shift is simple: to protect America, and the world at large, from supernatural threats.The PCs are a team of the latest recruits to the organization, all of them having survived an encounter with the paranormal. Graveyard Shift has recruited them, trained them, and let them loose on the world to hunt the things that lurk in the shadows.

Everything in the spy genre ever, mixed with everything in the horror genre ever. This game is Jason Bourne the Vampire Slayer. It is Fullmoonraker, where James Bond fights lycanthrope supremacists. Okay, so that last one might be a bit out there, but that's the general idea. Espionage mixed with a heaping helping of horror.

[What is the Graveyard Shift?]
That's a very good question. What is the Graveyard Shift? There's not a whole lot of people who know much, and almost none at all who know everything about the organization. So let's start with what is known.

The Graveyard Shift, usually just called "the Shift", is allegedly a covert federal agency of the U.S government, evidently established within the last ten to twenty years, dedicated to protecting the world from supernatural threats. Few people within the government are aware of the Shift's existence; the President is not one of them. What separates the Graveyard Shift from other "black" agencies is it's almost complete and total lack of support. The agency's budget is astonishingly small, especially compared with agencies such as the CIA or FBI. Agents expecting to get a shiny new light machine gun and hundreds of bullets every mission will find themselves disappointed. In order to maintain as low a profile as possible, as well as reserve it's miniscule budget for true emergencies, the Graveyard Shift expects those in it's employ to provide as much of their own gear as possible. Agents can expect airline tickets and hotel rooms to be paid for most of the time, but that's the usual extent of the Shift's assistance.

What the Graveyard Shift does have is connections. When an agent is on an extended operation and needs to be away from their "day job", the Shift will ensure that they're given paid leave, and that nobody asks any questions. They're more than capable of ensuring that an agent's weapons and gear make it through customs unmolested...or to at least direct them to a suitable black market vendor or supply cache when this is impossible.

Agents of Graveyard shift come from every walk of life. Though individuals with current law-enforcement or intelligence experience (such as active FBI, CIA, NSA, or DEA agents) are preferred, the Shift realizes the value of having a wide array of skills and talents on a team. As such, anyone who becomes aware of the existence of the paranormal may find themselves visited by recruitment agents. Usually, prospective agents are given incentives for agreeing to join: fat paychecks, top-quality medical care for ill loved ones, or even just the chance to do America proud. Those that refuse are never again bothered, but warned to keep quiet about the existence of the Graveyard Shift. Those that fail to heed this warning often disappear, or are written off as apparent suicides. Once someone joins the Shift (jokingly referred to as "clocking in"), they're given training on-par with the CIA in a field of their choice, and a small tattoo on the webbing of the right hand, between the forefinger and thumb. The tattoo, a small tombstone, is made with ink that reacts with concentrated UV light; this allows Shift agents to recognize each other.

In terms of the supernatural, the Graveyard Shift knows very little. This is something they're attempting to rectify.

[Character Creation Guidelines]

These will also be posted in the game forum for your convenience.

Level: 4 (That training comes in handy, after all)
Hit Points: Max
Action Points: Last level only.
Ability Generation: 40 Point Buy.
Wealth: As normal. Graveyard Shift expects it's agents to be able to supply their own gear and expenses, so as to limit the amount of potential security breaches. That being said, the Shift will cover expenses occasionally, and will also supply agents with specialized gear if the situation calls for it.
Books: d20 Modern Core, Urban Arcana (Some feats and gear. Advanced classes require GM approval.) Citations may be asked for; be prepared to give book and page number.
Restrictions: No Psionics. No Magic. No Cybernetics. No Mutations. (Given these last two aren't even in any of the allowed books...)

I would like all character applications to be made in this thread. All applications are required to have a finished sheet attached, along with sections on your character's appearance, personality, and backstory. While the latter two sections may, at your discretion, be in private tags, I am requiring a 500 word minimum for your character's backstory, and a 200 word minimum for both the appearance and personality sections. While you may feel free to add a picture of your character to your application, this is not a substitute for the 200-word minimum requirement for that section. This is a text-based medium we'll be roleplaying in, and I need to know that you can actually write. Finally, all characters must mention, in their backstory, what their first exposure to the supernatural was and how they came to be recruited by Graveyard Shift.

I will be accepting applications based on proper spelling and grammar, your previous track record here on Mythweavers, and how well your character fits into both the tone of the campaign and the group as a whole. It is, for example, unlikely that I will accept two characters who's core concept is being the group's "hacker". It is even more unlikely that I'll accept a character who is a carbon copy of a given protagonist from an action movie. That's not to say that I won't be accepting ANY such characters, simply that they'd better be exceptionally well-written and have an impressive application.

I will be accepting five applications. This thread will close on September 15th, or whenever I feel as though I can confidently make a decision about who to invite. Whichever comes first.

Game Description:

The safety of the world rests upon the edge of a knife. In the shadows of the modern era, creatures of nightmare stir and ancient conspiracies plot. Every day and every night, the free world is threatened the machinations of the inhuman, the occult, the monstrous. Every night is one of peril and danger, were success, much less simple survival, is not always guaranteed.

Just another night on the job for the agents of the Graveyard Shift.

"If the enemy isn't taking all of the bullets, I'm not doing it right." -Aiden

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Great campaign idea, I normally play 2e but this definitely has me intrigued. My app isn't complete yet (the background is), but I'm posting it here as a place holder while I work on it.

ApperanceWolfgang is a mountain of a man. Nearly seven feet tall with long deep red hair and a full beard, both his hair and beard have several intricate braids. He is missing his left hand and has several false hands and tools which he can attach to the stump. His favorite is an intricate Hammer of Thor; but he also has a simple steel ball, a combat knife, a hook, graspers, a plastic hand, and a brace for holding a rifle.

PersonalityThe drunken broken man named William died that night night in the icy waters of Alaska. Wolfganf is a man at piece with his place in the world. He has embraced his faith completely and will never break his word, as he feels no man is lower than an oathbreaker.

Though slow to anger, those who have pushed him too far never forget the experience.

Background Wolfgang (William) Bjornson was born and raised in Anchorage to a military family. Young William's father left them when he was still a young child and he hasn't heard from him since. But he was lucky enough that a local Inuit man (Tek) took him on as a sort of surrogate father. Tek was a local shaman and William immediately was fascinated by his rituals.
William's mother (Elizabeth), a devout Catholic, at first was opposed to the attention Tek was giving the boy, afraid he would corrupt his faith. But while William showed a keen interest in Tek's shamanism, he confessed it felt foreign to him. Assuaged of her fears she allowed him to spend time with Tek, happy for him to have a role model. Williams childhood was typical, filled with games and laughter. He grew up strong and bright, and his family knew he was going to be special.

Bored with life in Alaska William signed up for the army on his 18th birthday and shipped off to boot camp soon after graduating high school. He excelled in his training and was soon accepted into the Green Berets. While on patrol in the mountains of Afghanistan his unit stumbled into an ambush and was slaughtered to a man, save William. When the search team arrived hours later they would have missed William lying hidden in a ditch if not for the cries of a raven that had perched on his shoulder.

Though he survived the attack, he lost his left hand and acquired a limp. Given a medical discharge William returned to civilian life in Alaska a broken and drunken man. Drifting from one job to another he always managed to screw things up. He's been fired from truck stops, gas stations, loading docks, and any other menial job that can be imagined. He's been fired for fighting, screaming at supervisors and coworkers, showing up drunk, or just not showing up at all.

He was given one last chance by Bob Birchum, a family friend who ran an oil rig. Nothing had changed and he once again screwed up. Drunk on the job; William passed out at his station, causing several hundred thousand dollars in damages. Now jobless, facing the possibility of being sued for damages he could never hope to pay off, and with nowhere else to go he layed awake in his cot his last night on the rig knowing he would be sent to shore on the first helicopter in the morning to face a grim and uncertain future. Desperate and once again drunk, William wandered out into the rain and threw himself into the sea.

What happened next could have been a dream, in fact it most certainly is. William had to have simply wandered outside intending to jump before he passed out. But he knows it happened, he remembers it too vividly. He knows he jumped. He knows he was dying, sinking into the icy waters. And he knows a beautiful woman in gleaming armor took his hand and lifted him to safety. It's impossible, but he knows.

From that day, everything has gone right. Bob told him he was getting one last favor, he covered up the accident and wrote it up as an equipment malfunction. Amazingly, over the next year his limp faded and he grew a full six inches, he now stands at nearly seven feet. Now a happily married man, he is the father of two young children. All of this is thanks to the gods of his ancestors, this he knows. Never a religious man before, he is now a devout Odinist and never goes anywhere without a copy of the Eddas.


That Guy

Name: Jack Smith
Age: 27
Race / Nationality: Los Angeles, California
Gender: Male
Party Role: Jack-of-all-trades / Con Artist / Thief

AppearanceEven though Jack was clearly handsome he lacked any distinctive features. The blond lightly curly hair the amber eyes the lean slightly muscular figure, each feature by itself could have belong to any other guy but all features combined made up a very becoming man.

His appearance beside Jack was as flexible with his style and stance as with his personality, quickly adapting to every situation Jack felt as comfortable in an Italian tailor made business suit as he did in a boiler suit.

When working with the shift although Jack did have a set of clothes of his choice, it had to be wide enough to be able to conceal his personal assault rifle but not to baggy or indiscreet. In aspect of the later he chooses to wear a woolen coat of better quality rather than the typical trenchcoat. He then combines the coat with an tailor made suit, a pair of black loafers and the mandatory Ray Ban sunglasses and apart from his rifle he could easily be taken for an European diplomat.

PersonalityHe's the guy that you most certainly hate but at the same time he's the guy that you in some period of your life wish you were, perhaps that's why you hate him so much...

He's the guy that your grandma would just love to see you with because he's so sweet, charming and ambitious and he's the guy that your parents would get you grounded for seeing because they know the type.

He's the guy that has it all but who lives by himself amongst unpacked cardboard boxes ordering take-out-Chinese.

He's just That Guy, the opposite to the guy.
But underneath that guy there is another guy, Jack.

Jack is the one who never stopped believing that everyone deep inside struggled to do good, that everyone just given the opportunity could and would choose to be the hero.

Jack is the one who can’t stand to see a dream die or a heart break but who doesn’t have the courage nor the self-belief to stay and help and instead chooses to move on like many times before.

Jack is the guy who thought he wanted to be That Guy but ain’t so certain anymore.

BackgroundJack has always been living somewhat of a double life. Brought up by his single dad on out of many who tried to became and actor and worked day and night as a waiter waiting for the big chance that never came, Jack was not only poor but had to learn at young age how to take care of himself. Only child to poor absent parents you would think he was struggling with his grades in school, but that was not the case. Jack was determined from youth to make something out of himself he just couldn’t figure out what exactly, a question he still seeks answers for.

But thanks to this determination he went through school with top grades and even earned himself a scholarship for an MBA at UNCLA. Although Jack managed to get through also these year it wasn’t all as easy as before. Not because the more advanced lectures and higher demands but simply because he soon started to lack the motivation he once had and once he had his degree he had no desire at all to bring it to use. Instead he started travelling the world with money he had earned through day trading and lucrative betting business while in school.

Although that money didn’t get him very far Jack soon found other ways of making his living. He was surprised how far he could get with a charming smile, some vague academic knowledge and the ability to deliver it all without any doubts. After a few months he had been both the rented captain of a private yacht, the curator of the local museum and a diplomat from one of the countries in the Caribbean.

After a couple of years Jack was in the big league of con artists and finally lived the life he didn’t know he had longed for. Wherever he went his food and housing was being paid for, may it be by a foreign government or a multi international company they never suspected anything before he was long gone.

But as all good things also this one were destined to come to an end. It was during his stay in Prague, Czech Republic, things changed. Late night or early morning he was still dancing to the heavy steady beats of what sounded like two Vipers, the F-16 kind of Vipers not the snakes…, taking of inside his head as the south walls of the underground techno-club collapsed and the room was filled with high pitched screams that barely made it through the music and then everything went black.

As he awaken Jack found himself in the catacombs below the city, in the distance he could hear the shuffling feets and a low tuned growls of something living and beside him the carcass of his fellow dancing partners. With a last effort of will he strengthen himself both in mind and body and crawl his way out of there, inch by inch in the footsteps of the shuffling feets. Finally he escaped the nightmare but not without giving the things one last glance. They were, dead… and humans. Living dead?! He quickly continued out of the catacombs and out in fresh air, taking some deep breaths he still couldn’t suppress what he had seen.

Back at the hotel he called the police to tell them what he had seen and about the bodies, waiting in line he read about the “accident” in the local paper "Structural breach damaging pipe resulting in release of hallogenic gas." “Praha Policejní oddělení” said a young female voice, Jack hanged up. “Knock, knock, knock” three steady knocks came from the hotel door, Jack’s room was at the eighth floor, he was trapped.

Even if life hadn’t change that much since Jack clocked in, most of the time he still relaxed by the pool ordering expensive drinks on someone else’s tab but still with all his newly acquired knowledge he could never really enjoy it anymore, ignorance sure is bliss. But instead Jack now had a job that he could be proud of, even if he wasn’t able to actually tell anyone about it somewhere inside of him it made him feel just a little better. Not to mention the air of mystique around it all being called upon for dealing with a top secret assignment Jack in his mind compared himself to Ethan Hunt as well as James bond himself and if not the act of doing something good for the world was enough to keep his interest up, the feeling of being a secret agent sure did.

Name: Dr. Lindsey Reinhard
Age: 29
Gender: Female
Race/Nationality: Human/Midwestern U.S.
Party Role:
Earth & Life, Physical, and Technology
Electrical, Chemical, and Mechanical
Engineer/Computer Geek/Demolitions Expert


After much deliberation, I've decided to allow feats from D20 Future, provided they're approved by me first. I'm probably going to be very lenient with this; anything not flat-out sci-fi will likely be accepted.

In short, something like Action Boost or Strong Plus will probably be fine. Starship Strafe is probably not.

Originally Posted by Octavian_5 View Post
Starship Strafe is probably not.
Ruin my new concept why don't you?!

Ok so... Gaveyard shift is basically Department-7 like organization that saves the world a lot. Gotcha. XD

Character Name: Alrissa Blake
Gender/Species: Female/Human
Age: Anything from 15 onwards. Probably between 16 and 25. Depending on variables.
Class: Strong 2 Fast 2 (Avoided min-maxing)
Party role: Close Combat specialist, Secondary roles: Hit and run tactics, Snark, Surveillance, Infiltration & Demolition. Collects arcane lore and has her finger on the pulse of the street. Minor black market contacts. Currently attending college.
Quote: "Beware smiling, harmless looking iitty-bitty girls."

Official Dossier: Sykes, Reginald T

InformationName: Reginald Sykes (Prefers: Sykes)
Age: 25
Characteristics: Caucasian, Male, 5'11", 155 lbs.
Primary Residence: Chicago, IL
Primary Employment: Monac Financial Solutions Inc., Chicago IL
Recruitment For: Elite Level Hacking Skills

Name: Kerry O'Doherty
Age: 31
Nationality: Irish-American, from Boston, MA
Gender: Female
Party Role: Muscle, Surveillance, Athletics

Name: Dr. Lucis Alexander Casca
Age: 30
Gender: Male
Primary Residence: Toronto, Ontario
Primary Employment: University of Toronto


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