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Take as Fighter levels.

Take as Fighter levels.

I have recently been doing research for my character and came across something that was odd to me. I have a swashbuckler and may throw in a level of fighter and some other things but I read somewhere about asking your DM to allow your Swash level to be counted as fighter levels. Anyone hear of this and that does it mean?

They probably mean for the purposes of qualifying for weapon specialization, and so on and so forth. There's a feat that does that in the PHB, I think. Or maybe Complete Something. But Swashbuckler and Fighter are both such bad classes that honestly, I don't see most DMs having a real problem with that.

So you're saying I took a crappy class huh? I knew I sucked.

Fairly new to 3.5, never went past 3rd level before so can you tell me more specifically how that would work?

Well, you need to be a fourth level fighter in order to take the feat Weapon Specialization. As in, Fighter 4, not Swashbuckler 3/Fighter 1.

If your DM lets you count the Swashbuckler levels, Swash 3/Fighter 1 qualifies for that feat. And it's really such a minor thing, I doubt your DM will care.

And yeah, both classes are very weak, in all honesty. You can min-max them a little to do some cool stuff, but noncasters are always a little on the weak side in comparison to casters. And by a little I mean a lot. But whatever, it's not always about power.

If you're interested in being a melee and having a lot of fun, ask your DM about the Tome of Battle. It gives you abilities to use that are, well, fun as hell.

Tome of battle is where I was going saw warblade in there and was thinking Swash3/Fighter1/ and then warblade the rest but I already kinda took some junk feats. Took Dodge and Combat Reflexes first level think I may have botched it but I am certainly not a min/max guy, don't know what I am doing. I am much better at RP and I could be bad at that even. I like story though.

Even if you've taken crap feats to begin with, Warblade is still a solid class. They're not really feat-dependant (though I would still pick up Power Attack if you're using a 2-handed weapon).

Don't worry, you can still improve! Dodge sucks, but opens up some good feats like Elusive Target, so it's not all bad.

Swash3/Fighter1/WarbladeX is a perfectly fine build.

So with Swash at level 3 right now and Combat Reflexes and Dodge as my current feats any suggestions for what to pick for 3rd level? I have been told Combat Expertise is a good idea.

Not sure if joe has the book for elusive target.


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