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Take as Fighter levels.

Yeah Complete Warrior, got it. So are you suggesting then that for a level 3 Swash I should take Combat Expertise and then take Mobility at 4th level for my bonus fighter feat and take Elusive target at 6th when I pick up my second level of Warblade? What other options do you guys suggest. I am really just trying to learn here. Like I said I am not well versed in maximizing my characters yet.

Thanks for the help so far guys. I live in a small town with no players so I have all these books and no reason to really read them. Every time I would open them I would get amped so much for a game and then well... no game. Glad I found this site so now I have reason to learn all of this.

Is there a reason you're unwilling to go full-on warblade?

Well the main issue is that it is for a current game that I am in where I am already running a Swashbuckler. I am looking for what to do now. Never really had to plan out a build very far before so now I need to figure out where I am going with him before it gets away from me.

If you're willing to take a feat after you get weapon Spec, and have Complete scoundrel look into Daring Warrior. It allows your fighter and swash levels to stack for terms of fighter bonus feats and Grace.

So looking at the multiclassing how does a person offset the fact that all three classes I am looking at have 0 for will and ref saves? The way I am looking now is to go Swash3/Fighter2/WarbladeX

Fighter 2 because it keeps the levels close to avoid xp penalty and gets 2 bonus feats. The problem is Swash Fighter and Warblade all have level 1 saves as 3fort,0Will,0Ref.

At 3rd level Swash I am at 3/1/1 but wouldn't I then stay there until I got to level 3 Warblade. That would mean as a level 8 Character I would have 9/2/2? Seems off to me.

Don't worry, the Warblade gets access to the Diamond Mind maneuver, which replaces the will save with a Concentration check.

If you don't want to wait, ask your DM to use the fractional save and BAB rules from the Unearthed Arcana.

Fractional Saves is the way to go.

Before you make any assumptions, you should make sure your DM is actually applying multiclassing penalties. Most DMs I've met don't even use that rule, since it's an incredibly stupid rule anyway. And if you don't have to worry about it, that means you can stick with Swash3/Fighter1, since it's preferable to have an even number of levels before jumping into an initiator class.

Noncasters do NOT suck. You just need to understand their role properly, at a given level.

*grumbles* all the classes are balanced, if the player plays them right.

Originally Posted by Enilas View Post
Noncasters do NOT suck. You just need to understand their role properly, at a given level.

*grumbles* all the classes are balanced, if the player plays them right.
That's just not even remotely true. Casters are infinitely more powerful than noncasters. You can build a Cleric that's a better Fighter than any Fighter. You can build a Cleric that can be just as good as a Rogue at finding traps and bluffing and sneaking, etc. All of this while still remaining full casters, and without even adding prestige classes.

Casters are mathematically superior to noncasters in just about every situation.


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