Check for important notes and updates.

I would like to ask that when posting your actions in your mechanics section, please make sure to note resistance DCs and damage effects. This will save me from having to go looking through your rosters and will speed up the time it takes me to update. thanks!

I would like to ask everyone to ensure that their headers have all info I need on your characters defenses, to make resolving posts easier for me. Thank you!

With less than a week before my current production goes up, my departure for Russia only a couple of days after that, and then the Christmas Holidays, I am placing Teen Titans NG on hiatus until December or January, depending on what the holidays bring.

I have not forgotten about you guys, I'm just having a case of major Superhero Writer's Block and it's making me dread attempting to post. I'm not stepping away though and if you guys stick with me, this will be an awesome game!

Sorry for the delays, Bit of mis-scheduling on my part. I'll have updates for both threads tomorrow night.

Due to an unexpected death in my family, I am unavailable for the time being.

I arrived back home for the Funeral today,

I am looking to get this game started up again. Those interested in playing please reply asap to story updates (Which are forthcoming) and if you could let me know in the OOC that would be nice.

Please note that staying on board does mean that you are still able to post regularly. Thanks all.

Recently my computer has suffered a major setback with a hard disk failure.

This, combined with the others events of the summer, and the continuous issues we've had has led me to the decision that I need to put this game on hiatus.

I debated archiving it completely, at the moment I'm not having fun with this game, which makes me sad, hopefully I'll figure something out, but for now I need to set this game aside for a bit. I'm sorry.

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