D20 Modern Solution, looking for advice

I just recently had an exciting revelation about the D20 Modern system. I've always felt the Base Classes leave a lot to be desired, they are somewhat limited in function and limiting to character concept (why do I need to be Strong to become a Gunslinger early?) So I was thinking about the Advanced classes and it hit me, skip the Base classes entirely. Keep them around for NPCs but let the PCs skip over them. Prereqs become suggestions. There are a handful of actual Prestige classes that still function normally, but otherwise you just start at first level with the first level of an Advanced class. A party composed of a Field Scientist, a Martial Artist, a Gunslinger, and a Telepath sounds a hell of a lot cooler than a Smart, a Strong, a Fast, and a Dedicated.

I'd like to hear GM opinions on this, thanks.