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I have recently reignited my interest in D&D 4th edition, and I have some ideas for a campaign in my head. I was wondering how people have handed the battlemaps with regards to pbp? Anyone know of any games with good example of battlemap use? I saw on the wiki some mapping software, but which one is easy to use for someone with next to no artistic ability? Is it possible to run 4e combat with just narrative combat? And if so, any good examples of games using this?

It's also in the Wiki, not sure which is more updated between that thread and the wiki

I believe the wiki is intended to be the go-to reference and thus more active though I don't think either has had much activity in the last while.


I had actually seen the wiki ones when I first joined, but forgot all about them :/

Well, lots of links to check out over the next few days at least

Ditzie is nice and allows you the ability to save different, incremental versions of your maps and your players the ability to move their own tokens around.

It doesn't actually help you draw the maps though - you'll need a program for that. I see some people are using a tool for the unrealed editor. You can find some pretty sweet mapping tutorials online for it if you're interested in making something that is going to melt peoples minds.

I pasted an image of a grid map into a Word document and then used the shapes and lines in Word to 'draw' over the grid map creating walls, terrain, etc. Then i have little shapes to represent the characters and npcs. I attach the document to a post. The player who's turn it is will open the document, move his marker and then save and re-attach the document for the next person. Seems to work and is easy, doesn't look as bad as it sounds and no one has to download anything funky.

MapTool is my program of choice. I create the map there and then upload it to Ditzie as the background. I think Ditzie is rather clunky, but it's the easiest way to allow your players to move their own tokens around.

Late reply, BUT I use a grid book (like what you would use for maths in school) to map out the battlemap, using the grids as the squares. I then scan the page and put it into ditzie. worked well for me so far although you don't get the detail some people want it's relatively easy for a non artist and allows you to make anything you want.

And you do not just have to stick with a square grid either. I find hex battlemaps works just as well if not better then using squares. It makes all those clones and radius effects make way easier to use and more sense visually.

It is possible to do it narratively as well. As long as you keep in mind that 1=5 feet, everything else tends to fall into place.

I am also a big fan of using OpenRPG.


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