Final Fantasy: Shared Dreams

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Final Fantasy: Shared Dreams

Final Fantasy: Shared Dreams - Forum
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Final Fantasy: Shared Dreams

The BasicsI am looking for 5-6 capable players for a journey into the realms of Final Fantasy. The basic premise is that you are High School students dragged into a fantasy realm and offered the chance to change The World... But at what cost?

In the real world, your character is a student at the St Martin Institute in the year 2012... And everything seems as it should be. You have a class schedule, room and board on the campus... And everything is normal as far as you can tell. On the other side, it is much like the medieval world. A land of Kings, magic and dragons, and the promise of a way home if you choose to seek it...

Character Generation
  • Charaters are level 1. While you will be picking your character classes at this time, you can not, for example, cast magic in the 'real world'.
  • Classes: Any in the core rulebook, no home-brewed. Note: I will not allow class changes without a very good reason.
  • Goals: I want you to come up with a few things that interest you... Maybe you wish to fly on a dragon's back, or save a princess (or prince). The World wants to keep you there, and will create situations that will draw you father and farther from what is home.
  • Applications will be placed on the forum, and I will try to give you feed back on your work.

Game Description:

Final Fantasy: Shared Dreams

The dreams began about 3 months ago, the day before you got the acceptance letter to the St Martin Institute, a highly prestigious private boarding in Seattle Washington. And you were given a free ride including a monthly stipend. Your parents were unbelievably proud of you. But the thing is, you did not apply....

The dreams were rather simple really... Old medieval villages, wizards, knights and dragons. At first they seemed like little more than figments than an overactive imagination... But as the first day of school draws closer, they get clearer in your waking minds. It is almost like it is calling to you, though you can not tell where that path will lead.

This game is going to draw from the tradition of Sliders and Erfworld, a world that is so similar to our own but ever so slightly off. While you are in the “real” world, you are normal high school students... But once you are on the other side of the looking glass, you will find yourself able to do things you never could have dreamed of. And the real question is... Would you want to go back?

The game system will be using the Final Fantasy d6 rules, which can be found

I admit, I have not played Type-0 or versus XIII... I know, I know that makes me a horrible geek. But sense you did point that out, if you give me a brief primer on what you mean exactly (1-2 paragraphs), I will modify my ruling a bit to work with you.

I will toss my name in the hat here. Not sure how I plan to proceed, but it should be awesome.

Concepts, concepts, concepts...

Should I go for the end product and make my way to that goal, or make it from scratch?
. . .
+flips coin+

From scratch it is. Probably tomorrow I'll have a concept.

I can't wait to see what kind of character is generated by the god of chance. Surely you are playing a gambler, huh?

Hmm, im thinking the shy/socially akward drama student that failed to get any rolls and was stuck with handling the lighting, special effects etc for school plays/productions so he could feel involved.

Time to build an Entertainer. ^^ 'Finally the spotlight is mine!' ~warmth~ lol.

Hmm - do I want to give him deep pockets for the fun randomness that later gets explained by the ability to create things from nothingness - or do I go with higher skills? ~scratches chin~

Well, a few ideas on skills if you want them...

1) Craft armor: After all, how many costumes do drama people make?
2) Craft Tinkering: Props... lots and lots and lots of props.

But deep pockets can be fun too.

Yeah, oddly enough you dont really need much craft with the core entertainer ability I think you can make a 'zone' and the props with a slow action essentially. No time to check at the moment though.

I've got my app up! let my super jumping Dragoon land on many foes and break many a house's roof!

Why do I see the first jump inspiring confidence because he utterly decimates a very realistic looking prop? lol.


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