An Introduction to Rifts

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An Introduction to Rifts

The Price of Freedom - Forum
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A new World..

A little over 100 years ago, Mankind was in a golden age. Technology in both military and medical applications were in its zenith. There was for the first time ever, global peace. But sadly, as the saying holds true, 'All good things must come to an end'. A rising dispute between the US and China quickly escalated to nuclear war. Unfortunately, the timing could not have been worse..

Now the year is 110PA(Post-Apocalypse). Mankind has crawled out of the husk of the past into a new future filled with magic, monsters, and a host of other creatures to share the world with. With this new world also comes infinite possibilities for an adventurer...

Game Details:
  • Any persons new to Rifts and wants to learn is welcome. Anyone who is familiar with Rifts will also be welcome, especially if they want to get back in the system again.
  • Number of players requested: All are welcome
  • Only any class from the original Rifts Corebook or Rifts Ultimate Edition book will be accepted.*
  • Each player will begin at level 1

Character Creation:
  • All stat rolls will be allowed to re-roll one's*.
    *if an excellent roll(16,17,18), you can roll an additional 1d6, but do not re-roll a one.
    If it's six again, you can roll 1d6 one final time(again no re-roll on one), bringing a possible maximum of 30.
  • In the 'Character' Forum, please make a new thread tiled as:
  • [Character Name] - [Player]

    For details, a template is included in the thread

Game Description:

The town of Lancer has fallen into a dark period. Once a prosperous place, Lancer now is over-shadowed in civil unrest. When the mayor Joseph Greyson died of sudden heart failure, it left the town torn in two.

For the last several generations, the mayor's seat was handed from father to son. The Greyson House was always a powerful name which held sway in running Lancer, followed with the Town Council for advice. Unfortunately, Joseph had yet to have a son, with the only available kin to the seat being his nephew.*

Because of this, the members of the Town Council feel that one of their own should take the seat and run Lancer with a democratic system.

The Greyson house feel that the mayor's seat is their right, as a Greyson has always sat as mayor since the founding of the town.

This has split the town between those loyal to the Greyson House, and those who want a change and possibly the chance to shape the town how they like.

With this conflict-of-state in effect, the Coalition have taken notice and feel that Lancer would be a valuable asset to the CS. As such, there are now members of the Coalition spreading its name and promoting that, as a State, it will have protection and access to their wealth as the cost of 'certain' changes.*

Players will begin as citizens of Lancer, with a free choice to decide who they would like to support, if they want to support anyone at all. The choices made by our heroes will help shape Lancer and it's future.

Character Generation Rules

  • Attribute Rolls are in order
  • You can re-roll 1's for your base stats
  • You may swap one attribute score for another once
  • All OCC's and RCC's are to be only from the Corebook or Ultimate Edition
  • Any starting equipment can be sold for money if you wish
  • Your background has to have a tie to Lancer in some way

"Swear to Pops"
Any. I can, nine times out of ten, post daily(some exceptions due to RL, of course). But if someone is a bit slower, I won't leave them behind. I'm flexible to work with any of my players to what suits them.

Nice to see RIFTS again, last time I played my GM and fellow players had a bad view of the Coalition so we worked for Tolkien. Though we never did get to finish off the siege before the game fell apart. I'll see about getting a sheet up since I seem to remember them taking a bit of time.

Q. How do the citizens of Lancer react to Psionic or other non-human abilities/races?

Sadly, it does take a bit of time to create a character and make a sheet. To make it a bit easier, I added a template to use in the 'Character' thread.

And, as always, I'm available if anybody needs help, especially when it starts to get really confusing.

well then lets get this dog and pony show on the road

bleh should have guessed that lol to the character thread.

So... I'm re-looking at the books allowed and I have a itch to do something I've never done before but I need to know if it's okay. But I was thinking of playing a hatchling masquerading as a human. before I roll a dragon though thouhgt I'd ask if it was possible.

Found answer, dang these threads are mazes in themselves. alright back to the sheetness.

I'll take a look and see if I can get my hands on the books. Definite interest, though my knowledge on the system is a little low.

Hatchling disguised as a human? Go for it!

Cyridan, if you need help with any info. just let me know and I'll find it for you.

I only have a level 3 pc,made for a heroes unlimited game.
Id love to play the pc again! could i play using the pc and not got xp for two levels???

The only powers i had were Divine Aura i think its called and Duplication.
I was two Duplicates posing as twins to get around.

I just rolled terribly but could I make a combat cyborg and enjoy my nice pregenned stats instead?


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