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What do I do now?

What do I do now?

Basically I had to create 2 ECL9 characters in 4 days. In those 4 days I had to deal with my sister's Post Natal Depression, running up and down for tech support (I'm the only computer inclined person in the family and if I refuse I just get a load of "you're so lazy"), and several appointments. On top of this, one of my appointments brings up feelings I wish I didn't have (I.E: Why should I bother trying to got a job since I won't get one?).

So yeah I barely got the first character done (needed to sort out a weapon) and I didn't get to start on the second one properly. I had a rough idea but nothing solid.

So today I'm ****ed up in the head, have a headache that borders on migraine (I can't focus well when I have one of those because they make me pretty nauseous) and I have a game today. I wanted to cancel but in the end didn't because it was far too close to the time (it was basically time for me to be leaving to pick up the DM). I pick up the DM and tell him that "shit has hit fan". I explain everything that's been going on in the past 4 days. He sees me uncharacteristically swearing my head off for 5 minutes solid because of some guy that nearly ran into me.

He still starts the game session.

Of course you can imagine the stress that this causes. Add to that the fact that lots of this stuff required the skills of the character I didn't get to stat up and I did a severe role play **** up due to my migraine having returned (I did take some paracetamols but I only had enough for a single dose).

You can imagine the end result. I storm out. DM chases after me and tries to stop me from driving off in my car by standing in front of it with his hands on the bonnet and gesturing for me to get out. The look in his eyes seemed angry so I wasn't going to get out as I was quite scared. I persisted and he let me go.

I really don't know what to do now. Is there anything I can do or have I really ****ed up?

You could tell him that you're sorry for taking your problems out on him, and if you didn't feel like playing, you should have told him so up front, instead of being passive aggressive about his inability to read your mind.

This, of course, is just my suggestion based solely on what you've said about the matter, and doesn't take into account any previous or current bad blood that may or may not be stirred up between the two of you.

I'm a bit confused. Why was he trying to stop you from leaving? Isn't it your car?

Other then that, I'd have just avoided the game completely until feeling better and less stressed.

A session is supposed to be a gathering of friends for enjoyment. Forcing yourself to go under any circumstance is the opposite of the purpose of having the game.

Sounds like you had a temper tantrum in the middle of a game. And, those are okay to have, once in a while. Real friends will understand with a heartfelt apology and/or explanation. Douchebags will make you feel bad about the whole thing. Next time, be honest with the group and yourself when you aren't up to playing the game. Its a whole lot easier to reschedule the game than it is to find a whole new group of players.

My temper tantrums end in destruction either of a person's body or of other physical property. This applies to PMT as well and is the reason I have several stashes of chocolate with a reasonable amount of cocoa solids in them.

Seeing as how the police aren't knocking at my door arresting me for assault or vandalism, I think we can safely say that no temper tantrums were involved.

The first words I said to the DM were "shit has hit fan" and "I have a steaming headache that I think is borderline migraine". Migraines are pounding headaches with a side of "I wanna puke until my stomach comes out" and a load of "why is everything out of focus?" How the heck I managed to do the 60 miles total without writing off my car I don't know.

Yes it is my car. I paid for it, I pay petrol (though he does pay a share for the D&D ferrying because the buses are wanky, presuming they're actually running), I pay anything else related to it.

The point is, despite feeling like shit, you still went out of your way to go there. Showing up, no matter how you claim to feel, implies that you're willing and ready to play. If you weren't up to it, you should have said so to begin with.

Agree with Greyfeld.

But still, if it's you that owns there car (as in your name on it, your insurance) then him trying to stop you from leaving is a no-no.

Originally Posted by DarkJester View Post
Agree with Greyfeld.

But still, if it's you that owns there car (as in your name on it, your insurance) then him trying to stop you from leaving is a no-no.
Unless I misunderstood, I think what she's saying is that the car is hers, but he helps pay for gas when he gets a ride from her to the D&D games.

Personally, I think I'd be pretty pissed if my ride blew a gasket then tried to leave without me, but that's just me.

Maybe I should have cancelled an hour before the game but oh well my state of mind was like Hiroshima on August 6th 1945 thinking straight isn't one of my best points when my mind is like that.

I was doing the lifts for free until I had pressure from the old farts that he pay for petrol.

Now to figure out where my laptop is since I left that behind as well. That is my property that I happen to let the DM use for D&D since it has a lot of the sourcebooks on it.


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