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What Movie should get a Reboot?

What Movie should get a Reboot?

We have movies that get reboots that we want, and movies that get reboots that we don't want. But what movie should get one in your opinion?

One that was not that good, but that could really be improved.

If you reboot a great movie, it can only become worse.

Or, you know, they could come up with some original ideas and make good movies out of them instead of a steady stream of formulaic garbage. *shrug*

Originally Posted by Ryfte View Post
Or, you know, they could come up with some original ideas and make good movies out of them instead of a steady stream of formulaic garbage. *shrug*
This. No movie needs a reboot - if it failed last time around, it probably shouldn't be redone. If it succeeded last time around, it already succeeded. Reboots are for lazy studios not willing to take any kind of a risk on a script.

Originally Posted by Wippit Guud View Post
So Nolan's Batman movies were a mistake?
Wouldn't it have been more interesting to see a different character done properly for the first time instead? Granted they were excellent films and an example of a reboot done properly, which seems to be an exception rather than a standard unfortunately. There are literally thousands upon thousands of characters that could be used or they could simply come up with original ones. Sure, the character is "new" to someone, perhaps the next generation or someone completely unfamiliar with the world of comics for example, but why not create a world and characters that is brand new to everyone? In the least, drawing a new character from the pool of so many would be refreshing.

I would love to see a Moon Knight done well for example. Hell, the Nolan batman movies and the dark knight material reminds me of Moon Knight more than anything else, lol. Granted MK was almost a reskin of Batman but it was darker and grittier with death and mayhem everywhere back before Batman was shifted that direction.

Or how about a spider-man... oh wait... that's been done already... j/k

However, how about a spider-woman movie? You know, the one with bio-blasts? Other than in the X-Men movies, which have been a poor mix of good and bad all strewn together, there haven't been many women heroes in the theater. How about a She Hulk movie or Psylocke? Those would be fun.

Alternately, pick movies that came out long before technology could do them any justice at all! How about the Dr. Strange movie? Reboot that one with modern technology handling special effects and that will be amazing, lol.

Truly original movies are ridulously rare as most movies are already following a forumula. For example- Buddy film. Two men (usually) with different personalities that are together, fight at some point, and end up friends? Get a couple of those every year. Planes, Trains, and Automobiles or Dumb and Dumber or Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, they're all following the formula to some degree. Does that make them original, or a remake of the really old classics of the 20s and 30s?

Personally, I can watch a reboot without spending my day lamenting how horrible and clueless the movie studios are, and instead, just enjoy a movie for what it is- entertainment.

Therefore, to the original post-

Mad Max is getting a reboot/continuation, which I'm happy about.
Dark Crystal reboot/continuation keeps getting rumored and shot down.
Ghostbusters is moving forward.
Top Gun is supposedly in the works.
Godzilla is somewhere I hear.
Masters of the Universe is being scripted I think.
Robocop is in the works.
Highlander is in the works.
Starship Troopers is in the works.
ALF is in the works apparently. (more TV than movies, but eh)

Beastmaster is one I'd love to see them redo. Tanya Roberts boobs, I mean, Beastmaster, was often in the VCR.
The Day of the Triffids
Flash Gordon (but must re-use the Queen music)
I would love to see them redo Ice Pirates.
Dune keeps being in rumors. The Sci-Fi wasn't bad, and I enjoy the original. I wouldn't mind another.
Any of the 80s post-nuclear war movies would be great. Damnation Alley jumps to mind.
Battlefield Earth
Howard the Duck cause it'd be awesome

And finally,
Lethal Weapon should get rebooted with them going to Israel... just cause it'd be hilarious.

That seems like enough of a list.

Originally Posted by Ryfte View Post
The Last Starfighter maybe. *shrug*
Oh, good one!

Originally Posted by Wippit Guud View Post
So Nolan's Batman movies were a mistake?
In conception? Yes. In production? They actually ended up being very good (although the 3rd was a bit disappointing), just as there are exceptions to most generalities. And it doesn't change the fact that the studio ordered a Batman remake because they firgured it was a sure bet, rather than taking a risk on something that would, at the very least, have been new.


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