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What Movie should get a Reboot?

I would like to see Fire and Ice redone with no crappy rotoscoping.

Deathstalker, but the new ones have to be cheezier than the old ones.... with more boobs.

Robin Hood:Prince of Thieves can get by with a Lucas style special edition where a CGI character replaces Kevin Costner in every scene.

House 2 needs to be rebooted. I liked that one the best. Actually you could make a whole series about that.

^^^^^<---- Yep, what MonkWren said. Including the point about the 3rd, lol. The studios like to milk franchises as they're assured to be money makers for them. You want more proof?

List of sequels in various states of the game.

Edit: House 2 was a lot of fun, lol.

Originally Posted by Ryfte View Post
The Last Starfighter maybe. *shrug*
I went through this thread to make sure no one beat me to this.. But you did! I think a reboot of Last Starfighter could be pretty awesome..

Quick note re: superheroes.

People are going to see Batman in DROVES and it'll make big money.

The Moon Knight? Are you kidding me? People are going to want to watch this? Most don't even know who that character is.

I'm not saying they shouldn't make a movie, but they have money to make, and a few panned films closes a studio, remember. They have to think about what's going to keep them in business.

I actually had this conversation with a friend the other day and we came up with some rules.

1. Some films may NEVER be touched. Think Patton, The Godfather, Casablanca, The Sound of Music, and The Graduate, and Psycho. And yes, I know they tried to remake Psycho.

2. To 'remake' a good film, you need to wait a minimum of thirty years. Society will have changed enough by then that the film will be new to a younger audience, and 'new enough' to those who remember the film. You can truly break new ground in a 'different world'. Why did True Grit work when the original was already a classic Western? 30 year rule.

2a. If you go back and make everything in the movie PC all of a sudden, you need to wait 100 years for someone better to direct the film.

3. Certain genres, such as the superhero film, are immune to this rule, because by their very nature, comic books are ever changing. Bad guys become good, the dead rise, and new heroes are invented. But this is a rare exception and must be handled on a case by case basis.

All that being said, I'd like to see a reboot of Snow White, The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance and Blade Runner.

Man... *I* have a Godzilla script in my head :P And I assume you mean American Godzilla, hard to reboot the Japenese version, it's like James Bond over there.

The few I want to see are in the works (Highlander tops my list).

I've heard several times that Scott wants to revisit Blade Runner when he's done with Prometheus.

I wouldn't put Sound of Music or Patton in that list, personally. Sound of Music is wonderful, but the core story of teaching with music during crap-tastic times can work, and since it started as a stage musical, rebooting should be okay. I can see a modern Sound of Music working. Just, preferably, not made by Disney as they'd yuk it up too much (not saying Disney is bad, just, guns and Nazis are not Disney's thing). Patton, also, was an amazing film about an amazing man. Another biographical film about him would be aces in my book.

I don't know... I hear Highlander anything and I just sorta cringe, lol. It got trashed so thoroughly by the "sequels" that were made.

With regards to Moon Knight, I just picked it because I liked it, not because I thought it would happen. That being said there was a point where none of these characters were "known" and they had to start at some point. The Punisher is a good example of that actually, and the box office showed it. The thing is, the more times they make it the better it does over time. Like any other unknown I guess. *shrug*

What, you don't like blades falling from the ceiling and being magically stopped by a reborn Connery? Weren't there like floating surf boards too?

I'm talking how bad it got into the 3rd and 4th ones... a blended contrived mess barely recognizable with the name "... Highlander ..." slapped in there for marketing purposes, lol.

Not sure I saw 4. I know I saw 3... once, in the theatre.

A controversial pick for a movie I wouldn't mind them taking another shot at- The Princess Bride. If only to introduce it to a new generation of youngsters, who will refuse to watch the classic version.


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