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What Movie should get a Reboot?

I can definitely see Lundgren. I'd like a more true-to-story actor choice, Ramirez being Egyptian and Kurgan a Russian. I wouldn't mind seeing Sacha Baron Cohen as Ramirez. Him recently taking the role of Freddie Mercury shows he can be serious, yet still get in those little Connery jokes.

Considering he is older than Spain itself.. I'd say he had a few fake names, hiding his immortality.

But yeah, one would think Spaniard or at least latin.

Granted they were excellent films and an example of a reboot done properly, which seems to be an exception rather than a standard unfortunately.
It's all a matter of the director and their style. Sometimes, the style jives with a certain theme and other times the director is just given money and he can't go back on a contract (because he already has the money or whatever) - even the theme of the film doesn't match his style and ends up coming out garbage.

Predicting garbage is still quite difficult though.

If they did Total Recall (I yet haven't seen it) they might as well do The Demolition Man and Judge Dredd.

I totally agree with the Highlander remake. I wouldn't touch Indiana Jones anymore, they did a pretty bad job with the Crystal Skulls.

Also, since almost everyone (not me) didn't like SW I to III they might do them again (once lucas is dead).

I hope they don't screw up Mad Max, thats a real classic.

Some movies really just looked better in 80s and 90s, but I guess we should give remakes a chance.

Originally Posted by asphyxiate View Post
This is the Mortal Kombat Movie that needs to be made

Dredd is already coming out. Have yet to see anything for Demo Man.

Originally Posted by Zell View Post
If they did Total Recall (I yet haven't seen it) they might as well do The Demolition Man and Judge Dredd.

Funny you should say that...

Originally Posted by Greyfeld View Post
The Last Airbender
That was a tragedy. How can you screw up a movie where the entire story has been told?

The trailer looks kind of lame, not as gritty as the original. (Looks like it's going to be another Max Payne movie)

And, isn't that the geeky girl from Werehouse 13 in there?

Too soon to tell I guess.

Japanese cartoons and movies don't go hand in hand when the production/direction is from the west me thinks.

Death Note, Gantz, 20 Century Boys, etc movies were not great but at least they for the most part kept the story intact.

I have yet to see the Ace Attorney movies.

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