Calling all Evil Bastards, a parallel game

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Calling all Evil Bastards, a parallel game

Through Darkness Into the Light - Forum
Dungeons & Dragons 3.5e
Estimated Members Requested: 5

This is a campaign that I will be running parallel to another in this same world. Events in the other game will translate directly into the events of this game, and eventually the two games will meld into one.

Troublesome times draw strange companions together. Though you may not like, nor much care for those around you, fate requires that you work together for the sake of your own personal ambitions. Rumors abound that King Baigan Phyr has summoned together a band of adventurers to discover the secrets of the Orb of the Blood Star. You know that the ancient red orb contains powerful, ancient magic. Magic enough that any of your dreams could easily come true.

However, the Orb of the Blood Star is well guarded within the Twin City of Phyr'Tolar. Plans have already been enacted to steal the Orb away from King Phyr. When that time of chaos comes, it will be left to you to get in, steal the Orb of the Blood Star, and return it to your dark masters. Only then can you begin to discover the secrets of the Orb for yourself, and unlock the power contained within.

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Character Generation
Levels: All characters start at level 5
Races and Level Adjustments: Each character gets up to 1 free level adjustment buy off. For example, Tieflings are a +1 LA race. You no longer count that level adjustment, and make the character as if it wasn't there. Absolutely NO Dragonkin and NO classes that have any basis on dragonkind.
Abilities: 4d6^3r1, No Point Buy for unhappy rolls, Reroll if Sum of Mods is +2 or less, or if there are no scores are 16 or above.
Alignment: Absolutely no Good alignments and no Chaotic Stupid. If you must play Chaotic Neutral, please do so within reason.
Hit Points: Max + Con for first 2 levels, then roll as normal for every level beyond, No rerolls for HP. If you roll a 1, you roll a 1
Starting Wealth: 10,000gc. No item may cost more than 4000gc. In addition, Once the campaign starts, I will roll each character a random magic item, to portray treasure gained from adventuring prior to this campaign. The random Magic Item may be kept, or sold at 50% listed value.
Flaws & Traits: No voluntary flaws or traits, one mandatory flaw randomly chosen. You do not get a feat for this random flaw unless you roll such on the chart below.

You should all roll "1d50z" and refer to the chart above to determine character flaws

Valid Source Material: If in doubt, ask. If I say no, consider it invalid. No Dragon Magazine, No Homebrew, No Tomes (to include ToB and ToM), No Book of Exalted Deeds (needless to say).

Game Description:

Come one, come all, to the mid-magic world of Drazil, that I have spent countless hours tinkering away at and building. This is a new world and campaign setting that I've spent the last 5 years designing. The World of Drazil is one of a pair located at the center of a solar system. It and it's sister world orbit each other between a pair of binary stars. Drazil, due to it's rotation, and it's location between the twin suns, is a world that knows no night. Instead, for 3 hours, twice a day, there is twilight as one sun sets and the other sun rises. As you can imagine, this leads to a world that has several vast deserts.

This is a world where the ancient, mythological dragon is something of legends, a beast told of in stories to frighten children, and leave adventurers in awe. Rulers claim dragonblood to subject those beneath them, and even the gods themselves pay homage to the great beasts as creators. No living person has ever seen such a beast, though they are known to exist.

The purpose of this campaign is to allow myself, and others to explore this new world, to help create it's history, and to weed out any design flaws in it's geography, cosmology, etc. I appreciate any interest in this game, and thank everyone who applies in advance for your consideration.

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Originally Posted by TanaNari View Post
You're missing the point. I don't give a crap if they effect my combat ability. In fact, if they were merely mechanical drawbacks, I'd be perfectly fine with them.

But they impact the ROLE playing.

They force an unacceptable random element upon the most important part of the game. I rolled a flaw that I would not want to play. Ever. I don't give a damn if it's forced on one character or another or I have to build around it. It. Is. Forced. On. ME. The player.

And that's just not cool.
What's wrong with social flaws? People in real life, even the successful, intelligent, or wealthy people have character flaws. Flaws are there for a character to overcome, it's called being human (or, in the case of DnD, being sentient) or in the case of some flaws and given these are evil characters, flaws to relish or succumb to. They're tangible drawbacks or shortcomings of a character that help make the character unique amongst the group.

Originally Posted by Canuhearmenow View Post
Just rolled and I got a 1, which means player's choice... Is it possible for me to actually stack on more then one flaw? Is there any sort of bonus to doing so?
Yeah, too late to remove that, I saw it already.
To be completely honest, I'd rather you didn't choose more than 1 flaw (though I suppose there's an argument that can be made, that since you rolled a 1, you can pick any of the other 49 options). If you do choose an option that grants 2 flaws, my only suggestion is that you choose to re-roll both flaws, or select to roll 1 flaw and let the DM choose the other. There is a maximum of 2 Flaws per player, so if you choose to select one of the 2 flaw options and roll up one of those options, ignore it, and re-roll until you have 2 flaws.

Is there still room for another player? I have lots of DnD3.5 experience, and I'd love to play anything except a Dwarf or Divine caster.

(deleted failed rolled attempt was here)

I'd be interested as a wizard or cleric, but I'd need to know more about religious options in your setting.

WP, there's a thread for dice rolling in the sub-forums
It's called the Application Thread

Not a complete list, but get with me as to what type of God you wish to follow, and I'll let you know what deities I have that will fall into that category.

I'm thinking of a corrupted Aasimar cleric whose depressed due to their rejection (for being 'impure') and has turned to a very ambitious, regal LE faith, a la Bane in FR or Asmodeus in PF.

Any charismatic, regal, authoritarian religion could work. The classic high and mighty evil church.


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