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5th party member

5th party member

OK it's 3.5e FR setting. ToB, and UA are not allowed. It's ECL 9.

So we have already:
ECL 9 Fighter with Rogue cohort.
ECL 9 Druid who is going to be PrCing in Master of Many Forms and Nature's Warrior.
ECL 9 Favoured Soul.

That just leaves me to make a character. I was thinking Rock Gnome Bard maybe as they can use some arcane magic as well as support the party with their music/song. Good idea or bad?

Bards are great for this sort of thing. Be sure to boost IC, though. I favor the feat Song of the Heart, the spell Inspirational Boost, and an Badge of Valor to boost IC. Grab Masterwork Drums from the C. Adv, I believe, to boost damage by +1 in exchange for reducing the bonus to saves by -1.

If you want a stronger spellcaster that has a lot of the bard's clever magical tricks you could try a Beguiler from PHBII.

There are a few good Bardic Music Feats floating around, including Lyric Spell (Comp. Adv.), which allows you to convert Bardic Music uses into spell slots. Arcane Strike (Comp. Warrior) allows you to convert spell slots into extra damage, and the two combine nicely to give you more flexibility by shifting your power back and forth between spellcasting, bardic music, and melee.

The War Chanter PrC gives you stronger melee capabilities at the expense of spellcasting, and also has some nifty bardic music features, including the capability of combining two different bardic music effects simultaneously. As a gnome, you may want to go more in the direction of greater spellcasting power, though.

Rock Gnome bard 5/Lyric Thaumaturge 4 then next level go sublime chord to get spells past level 6 (7-9). There you've just become the most versatile and powerful member of this party.

**goes to Google up which book has Lyric Thaumaturge**

I swear I'm going to start editing one of Ballmer's vids to say "Sources! Sources! Sources!" instead of "Developers! Developers! Developers!" and whack it up on here every time someone doesn't cite where things are. There are quite a few books for 3.5 and I don't fancy playing "hunt the feat" or "hunt the PrC" with over 70 sourcebooks for base and FR not including errata, (which our DM does go by).

No wonder our DM was doing a master feats list.

I'm going Bard10/Seeker Of the Song 10 (Complete Arcane) as I'm trying to keep this build streamlined and simple for me to understand. Also I have a deadline of Thursday to do this and it's now Monday (I have a laptop sitting there glaring at me in need of a clean and I'm meant to help my PND sister with her baby despite having depression myself woo).

Also fits in well with the character's back story. She's trying to call out to the lost sisters of the current Gnome Pantheon (I've noticed they're all male which is rather unique compared to other civilised races), which is why she's travelling and singing.

Originally Posted by Carnas View Post
I'm meant to help my PND sister with her baby despite having depression myself woo).
+10 points for Gryffindor.

My wife struggles with depression, and finds that one of the ways to cope is to help her brother with his two young girls ... occasionally.

Ah I messed something up. Certain things of UA are allowed on a case by case basis, it's ToB and Incarnum that are outright banned. Can't get them all right.

Bardic Sage Variant is allowed as are racial subs.
So 1st and 6th level Gnome subs on Bardic Sage variant until level 10 when I switch to Seeker of the Song (PrC from Comp. Arc). That sounds like a plan.

Skill focus (Perform[song]) - pre-req for the Seeker of the Song
Melodic Casting
Versatile Spellcaster (useful for anyone that has a spells list)

0 - Lullaby, Prestigitation, Songbird, (Gnomish cantrips), spare
1 - Grease, Silent Image, Beastland Ferocity, Cheat, Improvisation, Inspirational Boost, Invisibility (Swift), Master's Touch, Combined Talent, Share Talents
2 - Alter Self, Glitterdust, Suggestion, Entice Gift, Grace, Sonorous Hum, Whirling Blade, Magic Savant, Harmonize
3 - Dispel Magic, Glibness, Haste, Slow, Summon Monster III, Listening Coin, Alter Fortune
4 - Dimension Door, Dominate Person, Hold Monster, Shadow Conjuration, Summon Monster IV, Protege, Ruin Delver's Fortune, Sirine's Grace, Celerity

MW Studded Leather (regional)
5 thunderstones (regional)
2 potions of cure light wounds (regional)
+1 Shortbow (2330)
Crystal Echoblade (4310)

I'm 90% sure there's a vest of something that was recommended for bards but I can't find it (it was a very unique name). Maybe I'm losing the plot?

Thing is the folks are going away for nearly a month soon and I'm not looking forward to that one bit. So yeah.... I'll be dealing with the PND (amongst other things) a lot more than occasionally.

Just gonna leave this hear
Rogue 2/Bard 6/Mindbender1/Ur-Priest 1/Sublime Chord 1/Fochlucan Lyrist 9

Gives you the ability to cast 9th level divine and arcane, two spell lists, decent combat, and all sorts of skills to back it up social wise.

Originally Posted by Carnas View Post
I'm 90% sure there's a vest of something that was recommended for bards but I can't find it (it was a very unique name).
Vest of Legends. I forget what book it's in.


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