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Autism, Asperger's, and Roleplaying

Just took the survey. I liked how the questions were constructed, specifically the way that unrelated questions were stuck in a group of similar questions. It makes the answers more impulsive and honest.

Also, the fact that non-binary and asexual were given as options made me smile. I hate having to "round myself up" to one or the other.

So wtf is this doing on myth-weavers?

Carers do get a lot of financial benefits (it counts toward pension credits as if they'd worked a full time job) and they don't have to go down the job centre to sign up for as long as their ward continues to get disability benefits. So there are parents/guardians who will and do abuse that.
In America!

Interesting, but I had to think about the definitions of the words in a couple of the questions.
Other than that, took about 20 minutes

Originally Posted by impfireball View Post
So wtf is this doing on myth-weavers?

In America!
Someone was curious about the abuse questions on the survey (pretty much asking without directly asking) and I decided to explain why I felt they were on there using what I've learned about the Carer's Allowance (the site is my source on that before you ask) and what has been said by other parents.

Also I live in the United Kingdom (profile clearly states this), which last I checked was not in America despite my jokes about England becoming the 51st state of America.

I have no idea what the theory of this survey is, but it only took 15 minutes, and it was a very well done survey. The questions were phrased by someone obviously very familiar with the world of RPGs, which is nice.

Could whoever created this survey please post the results/findings here in the future? I'm mildly curious.

I took it and am curious about the results as well. I was pleasantly surprised to see prosopagnosia as an option, which I do have. Lots of effort went into this!

For those interested in the results of the survey, I found this contact information in the first few paragraphs before the survey begins.

If you have questions about this survey or the study, or would like to receive email updates about this study, please email the investigators, Ylanne So (RolePlayGateway, Inc.) and Lydia Brown (Georgetown University), at We will not be able to connect your email address with your responses.

Ah. That's interesting. I hadn't seen that information because I hadn't
I thought they only wanted autistic persons to respond, but I was incorrect. I have since finished the survey.
yet taken the survey. The person I mention in my initial post is apparently one of the primary investigators. She's quite sharp and well informed about advocacy and related issues, so it's no surprise that the survey appears to be well constructed.


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