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Would you allow a plant in a pot to be used for Entangle?

The 3.5 version, would only have the plants that were in the container hinder movement.

The SRD specifically state that the plants in the area "wrap, twist, wind, and wrap around creatures that are in the area or enter the area."

Not only that, but the plants ability to wrap around people is altered based on the plants. The spell is a transmutation, which means it utilizes the resources already there. It's not evocation or conjuration.

I think throwing the pot into the entangle target zone is a clever way around the spell's shortcomings (ie functioning at reduced and/or failing strength in barren areas). But I would rule it only affects a single 5' square.

I would concur with Cthulhu's ruling but it'd be a ranged touch with the plant so a 2-round action.

I think it's a bad ass idea and a cool way of the character RPing his character. I'd definitely allow it and I'd give bonus RP xp for it.

Replace "potted plant" with "feather token: tree." Problem solved.

... that item can do anything. Anything!

They now have a loving potted plant stuck to them.

You could rule it that way but I think clever thinking should be rewarded rather then punished, even if its not worldshattering.

Yeah... one of my proudest moments in my D&D career was when my wizard, riding on horseback alongside a bunch of gnolls escorting an armored carriage down the road, killed one of the gnolls with a grease spell... by greasing his saddle as he was riding at full speed on his horse. :P I then cast a fireball at the armored carriage, targeting the tiny arrow slit on the side so that the fireball bead would fly inside... where it detonated like putting an M-80 under a trash can. XD

Heh...or the time my Cleric of Hades derailed a demon worshippers plot to summon his demon lord with a Create Food & Water spell. The human sacrifices were bled into blood gutters that fed into a central drain that fed the magics to open a gate. Drains don't work so well when gummed up with oatmeal.


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