The Ravenloft Case

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Modern Day Expedition to Castle Ravenloft

The Ravenloft Case - Forum
Ad Closes: Sep 12 '12
Estimated Members Requested: 5

Game Description:

Expedition to Castle Ravenloft by Wizards of the Coast reworked for a near-future/modern science-fantasy setting using a customized version of the Pathfinder rules supplemented with d20 Modern rules that I call the Dark Files Setting. Visit the Dark Files website for details about this hybrid Pathfinder system, as well as additional background information about the setting beyond that provided here.

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Well, it took a lot of back forth decision-making, but I have finally chosen the five character concepts that I think will hopefully blend well to tackle this adventure. I'm sure if I kept looking over the applications day after day, I'd switch a few choices here and there; that's how hard it was for me to decide. As it was, I went through four rounds of self-imposed point assignments to narrow it down to the final five.

Thanks again to everyone for submitting an application. I enjoyed them all.

The final roster for the Ravenloft Case is:
Benjamin Oki Oren
Jacquelyn Aldene
Charles Flint
Vyktoria Vega
Chaplain Marcs

If, for some reason one or more of these character's players decides not to join the game after all, the next three in line for selection, in order of preference points, were:
Masaru Shimada
Harry Garion
Dawn Faraday


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